Friday, March 13, 2009

Update time, enjoy

So, I figured that it was time to update you guys on some posts I did in the past, and see how they have changed or altered our course. Some of these are just updates, others discuss how our posts were used, and some are just fun factoids.

USG and their job: USG voted today to accept the semester switch. I am hoping that there is a legal way to stop it which will pop up soon (KADIM, where are you??). That said, my facebook group against it has grown by over 500 members since this morning. Keep in mind that it was at 10 for about 7 months and now is at 518 and growing. Join it

Change is Coming: As most of you have noticed, we now have 5 active posters, and one sitting there doing nothing. Additionally, I am working on migrating us to our own website, as I see more traffic and potentiality with that site.

Adsense: I have not updated the authors, too bad. Adsense has been doing well in this time, and made over $121 since the post. Thanks all.

Senators to Watch For: Currently, both Fisher and Bruner have declared a campaign. As has Mr. Portman. I know that 3/8 is not good, but there still are two years left

Ten Tech. Predictions: I made ten predictions that I believed would happen in 09. So far, I have been right on several:
Apple is loosing market share
Netbooks are taking off
Rockband/Guitar Hero released a join controller
More will come as the year goes on

My Tat: My tattoo has almost fully healed, and it is doing well. Pictures next time I find my camera

Whalertly sponsoring Weight Loss: Though Gwenn is at a plateau right now, she has been losing weight. I wish her the best of luck

A name for a sports post and Blue Jackets first post: Both of these got various attention and emails, which is good. I chose ABCs of Columbus Sports as the name, and had my first blue jackets post go live. Please check out the actual posts.

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