Thursday, March 12, 2009

iPhone Application Review: Thirsty Pocket

Are you tired of the dogma that craigslist has on online classifieds? Sick of the ever increasing fees charges by ebay, or their ever changing rules? Just want an online classified that you can easily use from your iPhone or iPod Touch? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, or you just want to try a new online marketplace, then Thirsty Pocket is the application you need.

Thirsty Pocket is just like ebay, amazon, and craigslist, but much easier and much better to use. The application connects you to a simple online marketplace, where you can sell, browse, and/or buy many different items. A simple quick search gathered over 1,000 items near me ranging from a 69 Austin Martin (I wish I had that sort of money) to a scientific calculator. The market is open, more user friendly, and a lot less draconian then most online markets. This is a huge plus.

The way that Thirsty Pocket works is quite simple. Take a picture with your iPhone camera, upload it to the server, enter some information (price, e-mail for contact, small description), and then sell it. BOOM, done. Some buyer will come strolling past (in an online fashion, of course) and look at your item. Heck, he might even buy it. When that happens, the money moves hands, and everything is done. Both you and the buyer leave as happy people.

One of the nice feature in Thirsty Pocket is the simplicity and ease of use. Literally, I can get a posting up, and start selling, in about two minutes (they advertise one minute, but I have yet to be able to do that). Furthermore, I never need to hook up to a computer or use my digital camera. This simplicity is a huge jump from other online sites, where you need a computer and it takes much longer to get everything set up. Not only does this serve to help distance Thirsty Pocket from the crowd, but it also makes sure that we can all use it on the run, which is what most sellers on iPhones want to do.

Another nice feature is the actual layout of the application. Looking at Thirsty Pocket, you can tell that it was designed with the iPhone in mind. From the ease of the submission, to the overall layout, the online marketplace is perfect for you iPhone. Additionally, it utilizes the flick gesture perfectly, and this is pretty sweet. I think that proper integration is essential for every and any application or game on the iPhone. It makes sure that it fits into the theme and ensures that every user known what to do and how to do it. I am really glad that the makers of Thirsty Pocket took so much time to make sure that the layout and integration was so well done.

Yet another nice feature (I know, they seem to be piling on) is the fact that there is no middle man in Thirsty Pocket, but there is no long-term account and/or fees. This is similar to Craig’s List, and vastly different then all other (save for the aforementioned website) auction and selling websites. Anybody can use it, provided they have the e-mail address and access to the system. There are no fees and long-term agreements that you need to make with the makers of the application, so you can feel comfortable in getting the most bang for your buck. You also will not need to worry about absurd rules being changed, added, and the other stuff that Ebay likes to do to the loyal users. No, with Thirsty Pocket, it is just you and the buyer; they just serve as the host.

This is not always a good thing, however. There can be scams, bad listings, and just bad people; this could turn into the iPhone’s version of classified ads. I am a little worried about a system with no internal policing of people, and no overall insurance over my item. I hate the draconian rules and fees of Ebay, but I do like the protection that it offers. I am not really sure how to fix this concern, save to make people get accounts. The accounts, however, will ruin some of what I really like about Thirsty Pocket. If only we could trust each other.

My only other issue with Thirsty Pocket is the fact that there are not many users. As the application gains ground, it should become better, but right now there is really not that many. To me, I want to be able to find a fair share of what I am looking for for sale, thus allowing me to get the best deal possible. Currently, I am stuck shopping at an oligarchy of online sellers. On the other hand, if I am selling, I want many buyers, so that I can up the price. Thirsty Pocket does not yet have the traffic I would want. When they launch the website (coming soon), I am hoping that this changes.

Overall, I think that Thirsty Pocket has a lot of potential. I love the fact that I no longer need to deal with the draconian rules of Ebay, and that all of the money goes into my pocket. I love the ease of use and the overall feel of the application. I really, really like the fact that there is no long term deal for me to sign. However, the security of my trade does worry me a little bit. I am hoping that an increase in traffic will make Thirsty Pocket a much more used and better application. Currently, due to the slower than desired traffic, I give Thirsty Pocket four out of five stars.

Thirsty Pocket is available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, it will soon be coming to the World Wide Web

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Anonymous said...

I've used ThirstyPocket and it rocks! Posting an item is easy and I love the integration with the flick feature. Great blog!


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