Monday, January 26, 2009

Change is coming!!!!!! ... To Whalertly that is

As some of you might have noticed, there have been two major changes on Whalertly in the past two weeks:
1) I changed the layout a bit (yes, I know, this really wasn't a large-scale change)
2) This person named Ander started to post actual posts...

Anyways, these are just two of the changes that are coming around Whalertly in the next few weeks... Let's talk about it all...

The layout of Whalertly will continue to change in the coming days and months. I will start to be adding new features, messing with the settings, and trying to get the ads in a better clicking location (speaking of which, go click on one today). Over time, if I get more reader comments (come on, i know how many of you actually visit each day, leave some comments) I might migrate to our own domain. I will keep you updated with that..
Noticeable changes:
New Buttons on top
Changed right sidebar
no left sidebar
Read More links
10 posts per page

Ander (Read his HELLO post here) is the newest member of the Whalertly team. Myself (Barga), Whalertly, and now Ander are all regular posters. He is a bit more left on the political specturm then myself and should lead to some good discussions and postings. Additionally, Ander is planning on posting far more often then I have in the past, which brings me to our next point

With Ander posting quite often (hopefully multiple times a week, maybe even a few times a day) Whalertly is going to be updated more often. This, hopefully, will encourage all of you to come by more and more often. There will also be more news postings with little opinion on them, this is to generate discussion amongst the readers. Hopefully you guys will show up...

Peter, Peter O, Pete O, or whatever he happens to be calling himself will be a new author here on Whalertly soon. Hopefully he should have a 'hello' post up sometime in the next few weeks. Pete will not be posting nearly as often as either Whalertly, Myself, or Ander but will still be posting about once a week. His posts should be more analytical, and more to the right of myself.

Whalertly, the poster, will continue to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, unless I happen to steal one of those days. He will also be posting news pieces and small opinions quite often. His overall scheduale of actuall postings will not change, save for those tiny entries...

I will be stepping back from main postings on this blog. Sure, you might get an essay or news piece from me, or anything of this nature, but I will mostly be moving myself into the comment areas of the blog. However, do expect an essay from me quite often, usually stealing on of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday posts...

New Posters, New Regulars, New Discussions
For those of you who have yet to figure this out, all of these changes are an attempt to get more people to comment on the blog. For the ammount of time that I actually input to this blog, my readership is quite large, but my commentship is quite small. I want more responces, more debates, and more regulars. Hopefully these changes, from the new posters to the constant updates, will help with this...

More Shameless Self Promotion
I am a modest and humble person... However, I will be adding random promotions to myself occasionally.
Hey, I am selling a WII on ebay, check it out
Anyways, expect these to pop up in the twitter status update on the side or as a link on the side of the website
that makes me money...

Product Reviews
One of the areas that I will be posting in are my product reviews. I am paid for the reviews and will always let you know when one is posted. Please read them and ask any questions you might have.

There are a few ways to follow Whalertly, specially now that it is updating often. You can check back daily or several times a day. You can click the RSS feed subscriber over on the left of the screen. Or, if you want to, you can follow me on twitter. I suggest the later

These are all of the planned changes in the upcoming few months. Please feel free to ask any questions or email me. My info is in the contacts area. I hope that you all start to comment more often and I expect to see you guys here regularly.
Good night


Ben said...

can you get Wii's at the store yet?

Barga said...

depends on the timing and the store
they still have "We have WII" signs up sometimes, so take that as you will...


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