Sunday, March 1, 2009

Authors and Adsense

Before we start, I have a countdown that I am starting on the left side of the page. It count's down until I reach the second-to-last landmark in a young persons life. There is 13, 16, 18, 21, and then 25. 21 is in 12 days so woot

Moving On, if you decide to click...

I recently got my first check from Google Adsense. You know those ads you see between some blog posts? Well, they make me money, so you should click on them. I am currently averaging a good intake a day, but always want more. Please click on them IF YOU FIND THEM INTERESTING. Thanks for those who have already supported me while looking for information or other websites...

Moving On...

Lisa from Glass City Jungle was confused by the recent posts on DC by Whalertly. With this in mind, I am going to do a brief update chat on the authors of the blog, and also discuss how I am going to make this easier on everybody.

On the sidebar of the blog there will be a listing (coming soon) of all contributors of the blog. It will link to their intro post and give a brief thing on them. These same parameters will be in the 'about' section soon as well. As all new posters are required to make an intro (I will be telling Whalertly to do one soon), this should help ease the problems here. I do not really edit or police the contributors posts, as they are responsible for their own actions (see legal). If you have a concern, please feel free to e-mail me and I will deal with it.

The side bar will be as follows:

Barga (needs an intro post) - The founder and creator of this blog, 20 Year old college kid.
RMB.Reviews (Needs an intro post) - This is Barga and is simply the name he uses when he posts product reviews.
Whalertly (needs an intro post) - The main poster of this blog, wishes to remain anonymous.
Ander - Sometime contributor, Economics and International Affairs major long term.
Peter - Monthly or so contributor, Mechanical Engineering Student
Kadim (needs an intro post) - Still working out timing, will get information on him soon.

Moving On...
I will be posting my view on the DC vote giving in the next few days. It will be similar to Whalertly's, but better reasoned and worded.


Anonymous said...

Good money w/ that AdSense deal? I've thought about that but I don't like that you don't have control over content. Worth it, in your view?

Barga said...

I believe you do, per say, if you edit the incoming allowed websites

Barga said...

I mean, it was only 117$ until now (7 months) but i am currently averaging about 3$-7 a day, which is small, but good for the time i put into this

it is my food money

Ben said...

Having lived through all those birthdays, 16th is the best, just based on drivers license.

Barga said...

today i made 10$, seeing that i did very little work, that is nice suplement

ravi said...

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