Monday, March 30, 2009

An Intro From Barga (and

Many of you already know who I am, but it was decided (by myself) that all of us should have intro posts. See, Lisa from Glass City Jungle got confused on one post that was done by Whalertly which she thought was done by me. Due to that, I decided that we should all introduce ourselves. Peter already has given you all an intro, as has Ander. There are four people that have yet to be introduced (, Myself, Whalertly, Kadim) and two of them will be introduced here.

As many of you know, I am both Barga and

Barga is my more used name, and the one that I have been using for a long time. The name 'Barga' is my last name, and something that I have been called for years. I am the founder of this site, and still the primary poster (though Whalertly has been catching up). My major is political science (American focus) and I am minoring in english. I like long walks on the beach, eating chocolate, and rooting for the Blue Jackets. I am 21...

On the more political note, I am almost dead center of the 'hot topic' issues. On other issues, where the leaders can actually touch them, I am slightly to the left. That said, I will never vote on a party line, but instead will vote based on the actual person. While I used to write about politics far more, I am slowly phasing out of that for reasons that some of you already know (no, the rest of you don't get to know).

That is really all there is to know about me is my name for product reviews and the like. Though most of these are published first on blogcritics, a few are published just on this site. I specialize in iPhone and iPod Touch games, but am willing to review pretty much anything. Additionally, I am now credentialed as a sports writer for the Clippers, and am working on full credentials for the Crew and the Blue Jackets. That is pretty much it here as well

See, I am just a boring person. Feel free to leave comments or ask anything you want

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