Friday, March 27, 2009

It Is Time To Revamp The School Enrollment System

I know, I know, it is not like me to make a giant rant, but I really feel the need to here. See, I do not like how our schools function, nor how they work within a certain system. Far too many schools accept crap students and ignore the good ones. So, basically, I want to bitch about that.

So, here is my beef. I have an IQ that is easily among the highest of people you will meet; in an average room of 100 people, only 3 will be smarter than myself. I had SAT and ACT scores that were in the upper 90th percentile. I took tougher classes then most other applicants, and I did far better on exams then they did. I did more volunteer work, political work, and anything you can think of then others. I even worked with endangered animals. Yet, somehow, I didn't get into OSU for my first year of college but a bunch of kids who took theater and art with As got in.

Yep, Didn't get into the biggest school in the country, even though I deserved it.

OSU, for most graduate programs, requires a GPA of about 3.5 (3.0+ and it is considerations). They don't care what classes you took, any extra work you did, or anything like that. All they care about is the grade. To me, this is absolutely stupid, as it ignores anything outside of a grade in deciding if the person matters. For these programs, you are simply a number, nothing more, nothing less. This is the worst part of upper education, and should be stopped.

Not only does this show that you are a number, but it doesn't credit anything else that you do. Sure, grades matter, but they should not be a big factor. Outside actives and other things show more about a person, and thus should be considered more. The caliber of a person is far more important then their GPA. Additionally, the classes should be considered, as a C in calculus should be worth more than an A in geometry.

But, of course, they can ignore these requirements if you are a sports person. While volunteer work, classes, and even chess club do not matter, sports do. These athletes are not people, no, they are Gods, and they are above the rest of us. Schools let in students who fail all of there other requirements, provided that they can help the school in sports. This is, frankly, bullshit and needs to be fixed.

Schools need to focus more on who the person is, and what they have done, not what grades they have. Sure, their GPA might not be great, but if they clearly are intelligent then they deserve to be in. The person with a 2.0 who serves the community is worth far more than the 4.0 greek whore (no offense, but this is based from my observations) who took easy classes. Schools need to look into the actual merit of each person, not how they look on paper.

Of course, this can never happen until schools are actually schools, and no longer buisnesses.

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