Tuesday, March 31, 2009

That R (RETARDED) Word

Recently, several blogs that I read pointed out something that the American Disability group thingy want to change. Special Olympics and Womens Rights both want people to stop using the words Retard and retarded. They view the negative connotation that these words are used with harms those who are retarded and want it stopped. Personally, I think that this plan is retarded

Now, before you all get up in arms about that line I just used, I want you to think for a second: why did you get mad? Well, you got mad because you already associate the word with stupid, even though you are not sure I meant it that way. So, you are the problem that they are trying to stop; feel ashamed. No, I used the word retarded to mean slow, which, you know, is the definition of it. This idea is slow in the head and not well thought out...

So, besides the fact that you are the problem because you associate the word with stupid, let's further look at the situation.

-To slow or stop, usually by means of preventing or hindering advancement or accomplishment
See, look, nothing about people or other uses. This method of attack slows their end goal as it keeps them from accomplishing what they want, and that is respect. By focusing on a word used by the general public and trying to get rid of it all that they are doing is building up resentment and ridicule (two other fine R words). To me, this harms and slows their advancement, and thus is retarded.

Furthermore, we actually need to look at why the word is used to mean mentally handicapped people. Most people view it as the following:
Mentally Handicapped=perceived stupidity compared to normal
Mentally handicapped=slow
retarded=mentally handicapped
See how easy it was to jump from one position to the other, all using basic definitions and basic math proofs? Well, this is why people think that retarded means stupid, and will always continue to use it.

Here is the thing, I do not use retarded to mean stupid, my mother trained me out of that years ago. No, I simply use it to mean slow, which is what its definition requires. To stop people from using it to mean stupid will never happen, so just stop giving it power. The same is true when people react the nigger or spic, if you keep reacting, people will keep using it. Ignore it and the problem will indeed slowly go away.

Or, just accept that it means something totally different then how you interpret it


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Whalertly,

How accelerated of you.



Ben said...

I dont think they can make anyone stop saying it if they dont want to stop. Sounds like a waste of effort and resources to me.

Barga said...


i agree, but that doesn't stop people from trying


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