Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello from Peter

Hello world.

I have been asked to contribute to this blog. I will more likely be a commenter than an poster, as I have a heavy class load, and I prefer to do long topic posts. Expect only one or two posts a month, and often in response to one of my co-bloggers.

I am an Mechanical Engineering Student at OSU. I am going to be the relatively conservative voice on this blog, being as my other two co-bloggers are an anarchist and a leftist/socialist. I consider myself a moderate/center-right semi-libertarian person. I believe in a limited government (one of those things I will be likely explaining later). I will likely be mainly bloging on national level political ideas and legislation (as opposed to the who's running posts of Whalertly), international politics, and other areas of interest to me.

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