Monday, November 17, 2008

A Hodge Podge of Ohio Thingies

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Before I start, I would like you to know of a nice little statistic that I discovered; if I have 'sex' as a tag in a post (as I did for teacher and sex post, the one on Friday (and on this post, as I mentioned it)) my viewership quadruples. I kid you not, I have tons of people come in searching for "sex and blogspot". Seriously, this is very interesting and odd... (EDIT, while writing this entry, Somebody found my site looking up "student fuck". Something disturbing about that)

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Lastly, I thought the new Bond rocked, who is with me?

So, this is more or less a little Hodge podge of some interesting things from around Ohio this last week:

The Crew:
On Thursday The Columbus Crew won over their arch rivals Chicago Fire (and the traitor Byran McBride) to get into the MLS championship. With 14,000 people their viewing, The Crew kicked some fire ass. Frankly, This is sweet, as it will hopefully help us get more people to go to the games, and hopefully will show that Columbus has a real sport (unlike what I said in this post). Hopefully this 14,000 will become the average for the next season, not just for our biggest game ever. That said, please join me Sunday the 23rd to root the Crew on to victory. WOOT.

Speaking of championship games, is there any chance that OSU could get to a third straight BCS championship game? Probably not, but they could easily finish in the top 5 (looking at the upcoming schedules, and the championship games). If Michigan State beats Penn State, and OSU beats UM, then OSU will be going to Pasadena (when I say we, I mean ME!!!!!!!). So, Lets hope that UM sucks (they will), and that MS will beat PS.

Boxing in Toledo
A boxing ring at Glass City Boxing (in Toledo) was stolen from its store recently. This ring, while easily replaceable, was used to train several successful and great pro fighters. It also is historical for various other reasons. Really, the fact that this was taken makes me wonder a little bit.
1) How the hell do you steal a boxing ring? I mean, seriously, how does nobody notice this, and how do you carry it?
2) Why the hell would you steal a boxing ring. You know, these people are paid to beat the shit out of others, and you think that they will not harm you.
So, if you are out running about in the Glass City, I recommend that you carefully check to make sure that no people are taking large items from your home, piece by piece. LR, be careful ;)

A Pimp in Downtown Columbus
This is something that I have never understood in my entire life. How exactly is aspiring to be a womanizing person who sells people a great aspect for a black person. Don't they see the parallel to slavery? Anyways, on that note, I have seen this man several times, and it is always interesting to see what he is wearing. While I took no pics of his face, I am sure that you guys will appreciate his amazing colors and outfit. Anyways, I have never understood the concept of dressing like this, and was wondering if anybody could fill me in...


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