Friday, November 14, 2008

Teachers, Their Students, And S-E-X!

What is it that makes teachers and students have relationships? I have never considered having a relationship, or even sexual contact with any of my teachers or professors ever (though some are quite hot). I do not understand what it is that drives these grown adults to consummate relationships with youngsters. Recently, in Marysville a teacher was suspended (and lost his license) for kissing his student. Over in Madison a teacher is being charged for having sex with his student. Seriously now, we put trust in these teachers when we give them our kids. What the hell are they thinking?

Now, the case in Marysville is interesting. The student propositioned the teacher, changed in front of him, and kissed him. While he denied the sex, he saw her naked and kissed her back. He also hugged her. Now, I understand the hugging, as it can be consolidation: when my team lost at NOSB last year, I hugged the captain, as she was crying and needed comfort. That said, there is a difference between me (20) hugging the captain (16) and the teacher (46) hugging a student (15). My point simply is, that one is somewhat understandable. As for the other teacher, what the fuck man? You have sex with a 17 year old, there is something wrong with you. Plus, how can you have sex at a mall? Clearly there is something wrong here.

This whole issue begs the question, who is at fault? Clearly, the teachers are mostly to blame, as they are the adults, and they should be acting professional. But, when the most searched porn is for teens, how can we fully blame them? The girl (at least in Marysville) propositioned the teacher, not the other way around. While he should not have done what he did (hey, at least he stopped before sex), she has some blame there.

As I usually do (and will until I have kids), I believe the blame also falls on the parents. Seriously, how can a teen believe that having sex with a person over twice her age is appropriate. When we have teens making pacts to get pregnant, there is obviously something wrong with the way their parents are raising them. Now, not all students who proposition their teachers have bad parents, some kids are just bad. But, if we have a trend going, there is obviously some problems with the raising.

So, what to do?
1) Teach your kid that sex is special, given to somebody that you love, and not just a tool to get ahead or to have fun with (no mention of marriage here)
2) Make sure that your kid knows about contraceptives, and safe sex
3) Make sure that your kids have an open forum to talk to you about anything, listen to them, and help them out
4) Explain to your kids what is a right relationship (caring, loving, tenderness, kindness, listening, etc.) and what is wrong (abuse, using, fighting (though sometimes this can be helpful), age differences)
5) Talk to your kids about this very article. Show them that it happens, and tell them why it is wrong and what to do about it

So, while I believe that the teachers are to blame 96.72%, I believe that the parents and teens share the other 3.28% of the blame. Parents, do yourselves and your kids a favor, discuss this issue with them, and do not hide from it. Seriously, if all parents would sit down, shut up, and listen to their kids this sort of issue would not happen.

As a side note, professor-student relationships are to be frowned upon, but allowed provided that they are currently not students/instructors. Same with teachers and their students once they are over 18.

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