Monday, November 17, 2008

Rule 34

EDIT, i can tell you about rule 34 too, YAYS (this means you should stay and read other parts of my site):

Rule 34 is a specific layout for the game of Life, a computer simulation.

It was considered a stable alternative, until it was discovered that the larger the simulation, the less stable it would be. This version creates several alternating squares (osilators) and shoots out the fliers

Also, as for the "i will call rule 34 on" part, rule 34 means "If it exists, there is porn of it."
Think of wet riffs

For those here looking up Rule 34 from XKCD you are here due to the rss feed on my side bar.

go here for information of rule 34


Mr. Atkinson said...

Cool thnks

Jonathan said...

The other rule 34 means "there is porn for everything" as explained here:

meaning the line "I call rule 34 on Wolfram's rule 34" means "I reckon there's porn for cellular automata"

Barga said...

Thank you for that, included now

varniklili said...

as explained here:


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