Monday, August 4, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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While there has been very little changes to the overall map look, McCain has pulled back into the lead in Florida. What is interesting is the fact that Obama is winning only by about 2.7 points overall.


I was sitting at a Columbus Clippers game this afternoon when it struck me; Columbus has very little in terms of pro-sports teams. Sure, we have the Columbus Destroyers in Arena Football, the Crew in Soccer, and the Blue Jackets in hockey; but, really, who watches those sports and teams. Really, as sad as this is to say, OSU seems to be our only pro team, and they are not even pro. How come the two other cities in this state (screw you Toledo and Dayton) get football and baseball teams while we are stuck with the crappy stuff. We are the bloody capital, we have the room for it, and we have the Les Wexner.

Really, I can not be the only citizen of Cowtown who thinks that we need real sports teams (no offense to the Crew, I do watch you and like you, but you really are not that American). We have large tracts of land around here, a very large population, and the beer-loving type of people that you need to have pro-sports. Hell, we can have a pro-football team called OSU-JR and I will guarantee you that it will sell out every game. Frankly, I think that it is worth it to invest a couple million into a new stadium and the infrastructure required to support it because we will make it back in no time at all. I mean, we have the sponsors and the support, lets do it. However, please bring no pro basketball team to this city, we don't need that mess.

Then I started thinking about the issues that I have with pro sports already. I hate that we reward people for having very little actual helpful skills (yeah, you can dunk a ball, but can you teach a child to read). I hate how we pay teachers about 1% of what we pay pro athletes. I hate how our entire culture seems to evolve around sports and how we care less and less for what really matters. I think that we need sports teams here in Columbus, be it for the money alone, but we also need to make some changes first. I propose that we bring in a pro football team but require that they donate 5% of their earnings (net) to schools, make sports more important than the lottery, in multiple ways.

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Mountain Sage said...

Today's Rasmussen daily tracking poll has Obama and McCain tied.

Mountain Sage

Barga said...

actually, it looks like the most recent Rasmussen has McCain up by 1, but, seeing as that is statistically pointless...

shaxx said...

i have moved to Can u please update my link (Have a Life!) to my new home. Thanks :D

Mountain Sage said...

Obama is hemorrhaging support.

Mountain Sage

Anonymous said...

For such a smart guy why don't you open yourself up to other sports? Hockey is the best and 15,000 plus per game says it is doing well in the OSU football community! There is room for more than one sport.

Barga said...

I do like hockey and soccer but i am saying that according to most americans they do not count as sports

Hajile said...

Sports are silly.

Spend the money on educational programs.

Barga said...

i agree a lot hajile; however, if you could use the income for education you could make more than you initial investment for education

Hajile said...

Right, well, it all depends how long it would take to payoff, and then start reaping profits. Sometimes the wait isn't worth it.

Barga said...

well, think about this:

we could invest 50million into school this year, that is that
or, we can invest 50million into a new sports team, which will probably have 1mil. profit 1 years growing to about 5-10mil by the fifth

taking only 50% means that in 20 years max we should have the same investment

Hajile said...

20 years is a long time.

Anonymous said...

You do not understand the concept
Of investment do you


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