Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11/4 Map Update

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This map is updated as of 6PM 11/3. The final image will be my prediction map, let it be as it is.

State-by-State (swing states)

Over all, Obama is winning 338 to 200

Virginia - This swing state is still in the Obama camp, with a 4.3 point lead
Florida - Some recent strong polling showed Obama up by 1.6
Ohio - In the buckeye state, Obama is up 2.3 points
Nevada - The sin state has Obama in the lead by 6.2 points
Colorado - The state that housed the Democrat Convention has given Obama a 5.5 point lead

North Carolina - McCain has regained this southern state and is now leading by .6 points
Montana - McCain is keeping his lead here with 3.8 points
Arizona - While I do not think Obama can win this state, McCain has only a 3.5 point lead
Indiana - The state that always vote Republican is back in their camp, 1.4 points
Georgia - While Barr is hurting McCain here, McCain still has 4 points
Missouri - A .5 point lead is all that McCain has here


When looking at the national polls between Obama and McCain, you notice that Obama has a healthy 7.3 point lead.

When you take Barr and Nader into the equation, Obama's lead jumps up to 7.8 points.

Whalertly's Predictions:

This is what Whalertly thinks will happen... Please feel free to make alternate maps on this site and there are poll data on This one . Please explain your reasoning, and I hope that the best map wins...

I believe that Ohio, Virginia, and Florida will all switch due to hidden racism in the polls and the fact that they are not all that accurate.


Ben said...

Our maps, though we prefer different candidates, are exactly the same.

Peter said...

Barga, I'm going to call McCain in Pennsylvania, and give him the win 281 - 257. Then I'm going to barricade myself in my room, to avoid the angry roomies.

Barga said...

Ben - LOL

Peter - How could you contend that PA is still in the Mix? Colorado is a potential, but PA seems safe in Obama teritory. McCain taking PA is as likely as Obama taking AZ

that said, you could come over if you get scared of drunk upset college boys (and girls)

I still want to see the bloody tie (which Congress would then probably give the presidency to the pop. vote winner (thus Obama))

Peter O said...

McCain would have stopped(like Michigan) if their internal polls had been bad, and the Obama bankrupt coal + Murtha racists comments may have pushed him over the edge.

Barga said...

I have to say, Internal polls hold no sway compared to tons of external ones

that said, I really hope that Obama pulls it off, but you are slightly correct that it will be closer than otherwise projected


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