Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How Well Did Whalertly Do?

How did Whalertly do in his predictions, well see it here:
note, I am not able to do the map yet, as there are still three states not yet finalized

Total, I am 21/26 (81%) with 1 race not yet decided and 1 race not endorsed

President: Obama: I was right
AG of Ohio: None: undefinable
15th District US Congress: Kilroy: Well, vote is still out (kid you not, 321 vote difference)
Issue 1/2: For : I was right
Issue 3: For: I was right
Issue 5: For : I was right (suck it person from Texas)
Issue 6: Against: I was right
For 21st District State House: Bacon: I was right
For County Coroner - Gorniak - Right
For County Treasurer - Leonard - Right
For Clerk of Courts - O'Shaughnessy - Right
For County Prosecutor - O'Brien - Right
For County Sherriff - Karnes - Right
For County Commissioner (starting 1/2/09) - Brooks - Right
For County Commissioner (starting 1/3/09) - O'Grady - Right
For County Engineer - Ringle - Right
For County Recorder - Montgomery - Right
For State Supreme Court (starting 1/1/09) - O'Conner - Right
For State Supreme Court (starting 1/2/09) - Sikora - Wrong
Court of Appeals 10th District (starting 2/9/09) - Connor - Right
Court of Appeals 10th District (starting 7/1/09) - Brown - Wrong
Court of Common Pleas (starting 1/1/09) - Hogan - Right
Court of Common Pleas (starting 2/9/09) - Fais - Right
Court of Common Pleas (7/1/09) - Dingus - Wrong
Court of Common Pleas (7/2/09) - Horton - Right
Court of Common Pleas – Domestic Relations - Preisse - Right
Court of Common Pleas – Probate Division - Belskis - Wrong
State board of education (6th district) - Moyer - Wrong

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Barga said...


I did better than the dispatch, and the same as the blade


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