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Whalertly Endorsements: For The President of the United States of America

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There will of course be another map update tomorrow, the last of the polls before election day actually finishes. Furthermore, my entry on Wednesday will be bragging about how I was right 100% of the time (or, if my Oscar picks show anything, none of the time).

To start this off, I would like to first talk briefly about third party candidates. Both Ralph Nader and Bob Barr and the who string of other candidates have no overall chance of winning this election. At most, third parties will pull in 5% or so ALL TOGETHER. This means that a vote for a third party is not only a wasted vote, it is a vote AGAINST your favorite mainstream candidate. That said, lets chat briefly about what third parties actually do. Third parties usually are very similar to a mainstream party, just they have one big difference. When that difference (their campaign base) gets enough attention and support, it jumps to the mainstream parties. Basically, third parties are vetting parties for new and interesting ideas. They should be allowed to get local power, but never national.

President of the United States of America

Please feel free to respond to this, challenge this, etc.


As shown before in this entry Obama is better for most Americans than McCain if you are looking only at taxes. It is all good and dandy to keep taxes low (McCain's pledge) but at some point people have enough money to live on. Who needs to make more than 250,000$ a year? Frankly, I agree with the founder of capitalism, Adam Smith when he says that at some point people should start paying more taxes. That said, the spread the wealth theory of Obama has some work to be done on it. I think that we should tax the wealthier more, but that money should first be used to pay for Iraq, Education, Infrastructure, getting out of debt, etc. before we move onto cutting taxes for the lower classes.


I believe that we need to remain in Iraq until the job is done. I hold this belief even though I was opposed to the invasion when we went in, and still contend that there was no logical reason to ever go in. My theory is quite simple, why should we cry over split milk when we should just be cleaning it up? I believe that McCain has a much better plan than Obama in this regard. Our troops deserve our full support, and the generals should be listened too. That said, Obama has pledged to listen to his generals, but McCain, having a fair bit of experience (both in the field and in the Senate) definitely wins this category.


I think that education is one of the most important things that our country needs to deal with. The school systems are harming our children, and college tuition is sky-rocketing. We as Americans need to come together to create a plan to rectify this. This issue is not only a personal issue, it is a danger for our next generation of leaders and, frankly, a national security issue due to the US being surpassed by China and India in sciences. Both Obama and McCain have good plans for the reform of our educational system but only one would work in my mind. McCain wants us to keep looking at achievement rates (based upon testing) for moneys and improvements. I think that this is an absurd manner as it is punishing the schools for the students. Their should be (as Obama suggests) peer reviewed teaching which makes sure that good teachers are rewarded and that bad teachers are kicked. We also need to spend far more on education (something that both agree on).

Gay Rights

The president can not touch this issue so it should be ignored.


The president can not touch this issue so it should be ignored.


A fair number of people feel that Internet censorship (it isn't, but ignore that for now) should be a hot topic this election. They feel that so called 'net neutrality' is something that the president should come out strongly in favor of and believe that the free world is at stake. I am strongly against this idea, and think that private companies should be able to do with their property as they see fit (see a future entry), provided it violates nobody else's rights. That said, The president can not touch this issue so it should be ignored.

Foreign Relations

There is no way to argue that Obama will win this category. Years in the Senate, on various committees and otherwise, have given McCain a strong lead in this category. Obama is quite well liked by other countries, which is a great plus in a US president, but McCain's strong standing here helps him out greatly.

The Economy

Cutting taxes is not the answer, period. Our economy is struggling because of outsourcing, and a loss of jobs. We need to create deals that help companies stay, and help keep Americans out of debt. McCain's idea of cutting taxes will only lead our country into a larger debt, and I can not stand for that. After all, it is my generation that will be paying the interest on that.


I do not really see how this should be a major issue. Not one presidential candidate has any executive experience, and one veep has 2.5 years. This is a non-issue, and really quite absurd.


This should be the number one issue in any persons mind this election, but, alas, it sadly is not. All Americans should care about working with all other Americans, because, after all, that is the only way that we are able to get anything done. McCain has a strong background of supporting both parties, and working through and against his own party. Obama, on the other hand, has little bipartisanship background. That said, McCain's own argument against Obama based on time in office helps Obama in this regard; Obama has pledged to work with both parties (and I believe him when he says that) and can explain his lack simply as not having the time yet. See here Mr. McCain, every dagger has two sides.

Global Warming

All candidates and their veeps believe that this is real and somewhat man made. They differ on how to fix it, but as long as they talk to their advisors it is a-okay.


Both candidates think that we should get off of our foreign oil addiction, and I agree. We need to work on alternate energies and fuel sources to ease our economy, to create more American jobs, and to make sure that Global Warming can be addressed. However, I do not think that this is within the Presidents area so I do not think that they should touch it (though I am all okay with them going around the country lecturing on it).

Health Care

Now, I do not think that we should start health care for all right away, but, in about 2 years time it should be a good idea. In about 2 years Massachusetts will have had state-wide health care for some time, and we will be able to see how this system works in America. Obama has a great plan with health care, one that makes sure that all Americans have it, and that all Americans can be treated as normal persons. McCain's, on the other hand, is good in that it ensures health care, but it guarantees nothing and actually still allows where we are now.

So, with pros and cons to both candidates, who should Whalertly endorse? McCain has strong standings in Iraq and foreign relations, while he falters on education and the economy. Obama, on the other hand, is loved around the world and has a good plan to keep jobs in America, however, his lack of experience in international politics and his plan to increase spending by trillions of dollars show that he is not an ideal candidate. However, there are several things that gave me a clear choice onto whom I would pick. Obama, with his strong stances on education, improving the economy, and his health care to all plans shows the leadership needed to be the next President of the United States of America.


Peter O said...

Barga, Obama has had 2 years Nationally to demonstrate that he was biparisan. He has never done anything in those two years to demonstrate that. If you award the win in a tie to those with experience, as you did in your other endorsements, then you have to give this issue to McCain. Both candidates have pledged to work bipartisanly so there is no way that you can give the issue to Obama.

on the Economy and taxes, the top 5% of incomes already pay half the taxes in t the US, and the bottom 40% don't pay any, so there's already your graduated income scale.
I actually think Obama is actually worse for increasing the debt, but you can always just look at what he proposes to spend it on. there is no way you can give him points over McCain on this.

I'll probably add some more later

Barga said...


1) On the bipartisanship, Obama has had many many cases of working and sponsoring bills from both parties (, just he has no big-name bills like McCain has.

2) i would like to see where you got that statistics, as I paid income tax (federal) last year and yet am definitely in the bottom 10%.... That said, I have no issue with the rich paying more.

Peter O said...

I was focusing on the fact that he had voted with the Dem platform more times than Harry Reid, and had been named the most liberal senator in one ranking.
I also don't really trust him to keep his word. he only stopped earmarks this year, after getting a million+ earmark for his wife's hospital, where she then got a major(triple salary) raise.

I don't think that Obama is a good one for the economy. I don't think state Control of the economy is good. For government power, one party controlling both branches is not one that I like. It wasn't good for the repubs, and the dem's won't do it any better.

the statistics on taxes, her's the top %s
and the number (the 40%) was a number based on net benefits from the government (welfare, medicare, foodstamps, etc) It may have been 40% of the population don't pay net to the government.

Peter O said...

also, would you trust the party that refused to address Fannie and Freddy before they melted down, while at the same time taking these contributions?
The top 5 recipiants: Chairman and #2 Dem on the Financial services committee, and the past 3 Dem presidential candidates. Including at # 3, the senator who was elected in 2004, 1/5 of the time period used.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised with your endorsement. I think your youth is showing.
Why do you think a person who works hard for his money and is a good citizen has to take care of some lazy entitled person(s)? Sounds like socialism to me. People are driven by the rewards of bettering themselves and making money is one way to prove their hard work. Maybe that isn't right but it is what it is! So why do you (the government) have a right to take someone's hard earned money to distribute as you see fit? I think everyone should contribute on some level, otherwise you have people from one segment of society paying for the others. Just because you think that is fair. Is it? Now think about this, the 'rich guy,' that everyone seems to love to hate, provides jobs ... if he starts to lose out on his profits he will have to ship his company elsewhere. Okay, I know about those CEOs who get way too much money from their companies, but that is the fault of the boards who set those programs up. Yes, that definitely should be monitored because no human is worth that much money. But for the average company owner who does well for his hard work and his involvement with the community by being a good citizen is being looked upon as the bad guy ... I don't get that rationale. Why is it our business what a guy who has done well does with his profits?

Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping people when they need a hand up, they deserve our help, but not to sit back and let the worker bees do the work so they can slack off. Does a worker deserve equal pay for equal work? You betcha!

I think we need to rethink the priorities and for whom that money, we so eagerly want dole out, goes to. There really isn't a right and wrong here, just common sense to think it out. Not to agree merely to pander for votes. That's really obscene!!!

I think people choose their lot in life ... some want to be rich while most others opt to be the worker bees! We need all elements to make a successful union. We aren't supposed to be the same ... that's so insane and stupid for people to think we all should be the same. Oh, except big old government will take care of you. HA, I want to take care of myself. I don't want dirty old senators and congressmen deciding what is best for me. I don't want them thinking they know what is best for me or others. That is so much tripe!!!

Okay, Obama has flip-flopped on a lot of issues. He hasn't had any experience ... except with ACORN! Where did the wealth come from? This lowly working Joe (no pun intended) has a value of over $4 million? Seems to me a do-gooder would not have that much money. I don't! Do you really think he is best for this job? His leanings toward socialism and his association with questionable people ... isn't that important? "Birds of a feather stick together."

An obscene amount of money has been spent on Obama's campaign, it is unreal. Why didn't he give that money to the poor? Those poor souls he promises to help ... oh, but that is with MY money, not HIS! How much money is that per vote??? Where is that money coming from? There should be a cap on that spending. I'm so sick of him, his speech pattern and his inability to speak unless he has a Telepromptr with a prepared speech.

What about the involvement with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac??? Convenient timing, huh? Guess who's fingerprints are all over that? Not the one people are blaming!

Education is in the toilet because of the liberal parents who wanted things their way for their sweet little kids. I know this because I saw it happening. Schools backed down because they didn't want to be sued (thanks to those greedy attornies.) Education is where it is because teachers are not in the field because they love to teach, they teach because they can't do anything else. It doesn't take a lot of money to teach kids the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. It takes dedication, desire, discipline to excite kids into learning. Basics are all but forgotten and crazy new ways of teaching have messed with too many kids' heads and this started in the sixties. It is the responsibility of the parents to take it upon themselves to further educate their kids. School should be a safe haven (as it was many years ago) for kids to learn. It's a war zone and you cannot fault any one administration for that. It started a long time ago and people sat back and let it happen. Those that yelled the loudest (liberal thinking folks) got their way and the negativity toward education has never been the same. Where is the love of learning?

We live in a time of ME, ME, ME, MONEY, HOLLYWOOD, and unGodliness. I guess we get what we deserve and on that note I would say to you, "You will get what you deserve."

Further, I think you are idealistic rather than realistic with your choice. You believe the hype.

The best candidate isn't even on the ballot!

I agree with Peter O!

Peter O said...

Barga, couple last things.
1) Palin cleared of any ethics violations
and why I don't think Obama can be trusted to keep his word

Peter O said...

ok, and one more thing

Anonymous said...

I believe the environmental issues are very important right now as well, here is a few of Obama's plans

Ensure 10 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources by 2012, and 25 percent by 2025.

Put 1 million Plug-In Hybrid cars -- cars that can get up to 150 miles per gallon -- on the road by 2015, cars that we will work to make sure are built here in America.

Create a New $7,000 Tax Credit for Purchasing Advanced Vehicles.

You can find these easily on his website.

Hajile said...

Ahh, I am disappointed with your choice.

I'll be saying "I told you so." in a few years.


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