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The Top 10 iPhone Application From April 2009

Hello, and welcome to the fourth installment of iWant, iNeed, iRecommend. This is a monthly series that will, simply put, talk briefly and present the top ten iPhone and iPod Touch applications from that month. At the end of the year, the 120 mentioned applications will then go head to head to see which apps become the top ten for the year. If you would like to read my previous top ten lists, as well as all my other iPhone and iPod Touch application reviews, you can see them here. While this list is subjective (as are all top ten lists), I did my best to base this on actual use, not my own opinion. Enjoy.

10: Mathhammer 40K
There is a certain tabletop war game. One that millions of people around the world play, and one that I play almost every weekend. This game is called Warhammer 40K, and it is a game of odds, dice, and strategy. There is a style of the game where you calculate odds before you attack, to make sure that you have a good chance of winning. To do this, people created Mathhammer, a system where you enter all variables and the odds are calculated for you. While you can look at this on a computer, or do it by hand, most players were never able to do it at tournaments or on the road. Enter Mathhammer 40K, an application that will do it all for you. As I have been able to use it in many games, I know for a fact that my $4.99 investment has been well spent.

9: iRentMovie

Ahh Netflix, the comapny that changed how video renting would be done. Furthermore, this company even caused me to break up with my longtime renter, Blockbuster. Until April, however, the service had never fully embraced the changing way people access their information and movies – their phones. You had to log onto a computer, log into the site, and then access all of your movies, add to queues, and even alter the ques themselves. No longer do you have to do that, as iRentMovie allows you to access, alter, and add to any of your Netflix choices with your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application even will show you the top ten lists and many of the best-classics lists. IRentMovie is a $2.99 app that goes perfect with your Xbox360, TiVo, or anything else you use to watch movies.

8: Carminder
Do you have multiple cars, each with a different oil change and tire rotation mileage? Or, are you just sick of remembering all of the maintenance that you need to do? Well, Carminder is the perfect application for you. Carminder remembers everything, from every car that you own. Tire rotations, radiator flushing, brake pads, and even windshield wipers – all of these, and even more, are kept on your iPhone or iPod Touch to help you remember. This is the perfect application for anybody who has too many cars to keep track of, or simply too much information to remember. And, at only $1.99, Carminder will not break your bank.

7: Rest Area
There is something about road trips that just makes you have to go to the bathroom way too often. This, of course, is most noticeable when you have children in the car with you. This is where Rest Area comes in, an application that uses the iPhone's GPS chip and will tell you where, and more importantly, how to get to, the closest rest area. Even further, Rest Area will provide you with all the information that you want, from what food they have to the picnic area size. At just $.99, Rest Area is a perfect add on for your road trip.

6: Congress, Congress Pro, and various State Pro
The applications from the Cohen Research Group are interesting and very informative. Congress and Congress Pro will give you all sort of information about various congressional leaders, members, and the laws they pass. Georgia Pro, California Pro, Name-Your-State Pro will give you information about the members of the state government and their laws. All of these applications are informational, useful, and great for, well, anybody. Though they are intended originally for Blackberry devices, the port to the iPhone and iPod Touch is flawless and well done. The price, however, might hold you back, as the applications range from $.99 to $19.99, depending on which you want.

5: Tap Tap Coldplay
Continuing their placement on my top 10 lists, Tap Tap came out with yet another iteration: Tap Tap Coldplay. Just like with all of their previous games, Tapulous has created an amazing rythmic music game where all you do is tap your iPhone screen in time with the music. While this might sound stupid and boring, it actually is quite entertaining and enjoyable. This time, however, instead of featuring various bands, Tap Tap Coldplay only plays Coldplay music, which is something I love. Take it from me, a Coldplay fan, all other fans of the band will love this application. At $4.99, Tap Tap Coldplay will give you plenty of playtime and amusement.

4:CIA World Factbook
Do you want to know what the flag of Scotland really looks like? What about the size of the military of Israel (remember, they 'don't have nukes')? No matter what you want to find out, if it is public record, then the CIA World Factbook will have it. The Factbook has been published since 1962, but it didn't go online until th early 2000s. Now, finally, the Factbook has made yet another leap, it has made it to the portable phone market. Using your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can explore the entire world, learn thousands of new things, and answer all of your quiz questions. At only $.99, there is no reason not to grab a copy of CIA World Factbook today.

3: Doc Scanner
For most months, Doc Scanner would probably be the best application of that month; for April, however, it was beaten by two better applications. Don't get me wrong, this application is still amazing and highly usable. Grab your iPhone, take a picture, and you can scan it into a PDF document. It is really that simple, and really that useful. You can use Doc Scanner to scan anything, send it into work, or use it to 'fax' a contract to your partner. Even more, the application will crop and isolate the image for you, so you have no work to do. At $9.99, Doc Scanner might be a bit expensive, but it is worth it.

2: Camera Zoom
The biggest thing missing on the iPhone is the ability to zoom in with your camera. Even the cheapest camera phones on the market can zoom, yet the iPhone can not. Finally, there is an application that fixes this issue. Camera Zoom will apply standard antilogarithms to digitally zoom up to 4 times. The application will adjust automatically, display the zoom in real time, and lets you tap anywhere on the screen to get a picture off. In all, this is the most complete and, probably the best camera application currently out there. And, for only $.99, there is absolutely no reason not to get Camera Zoom.

And the #1 iPhone applicationS from April 2009 is…

1: The Travelto and Travel Guide Applications
For the first time ever, I have picked two apps to share the first place prize. Both of these apps do similar things, and both are extremely well made. Travelto focuses more on countries, and gives you details on where you want to go, what you want to do, and what to say. The Travel Guides are more along the lines of a city guide book, and they inform you on all of the small-time, but locally loved, scenic spots in each city. Both applications are well designed, impliment the iPhone controls well, and look perfect. You can get a Travelto guide for $.99 per country and a Travel Guide for $.99 per city.

Well folks, there you have it, the top 10 iPhone and iPod Touch applications from April 2009. If you have any suggestions for next month's list, or want to tell me what I missed, please let me know in the comment field.

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