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Jan 2009 Top Ten iPhone Apps

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of iWant, iNeed, iRecommend. This is to be a monthly series that will, simply put, talk briefly and present the top-10 iPhone and iPod Touch applications from that month. At the end of the year, the 120 mentioned applications will then go head to head to see which apps becomes the top-10 for the year. If you want to read my post about the top-10 iPhone apps from 2008, please visit it here. While this list is subjective (as are all top-ten lists), I did my best to base this on actual use, not my own opinion. Enjoy

10) iTimer Camera
iTimer Camera is simply an extension to the already existing camera on the iPhone. This application essentially adds functionality to the exceptionally-basic camera. Allowing you to set timed shots and delayed shot, the application lets you take self-pictures and even take shots during a whole event. They advertise that you can leave it running at a party and the whole party is documented all night. My favorite feature of this application, however, is the fact that you can take photo sequences with it, this allows you to document a dance move or an amazing baseball catch. iTimer Camera costs $.99.

9) U.S. Armed Forces for iPhone and iPod Touch
C. Bagwell Consulting made two applications that were awarded honorable mention in the best-of-2008 top-10 list I made, Constitution and Declaration of Independence. With U.S. Armed Forces, they have created yet another killer app. While it is designed for US military personal and their families, the application is great for anybody at all interested in military. Presidential speeches, hymns, maps, and even codes of war are all bundled into this small and versatile app. I recommend that any military member or person who is interested at all in the military give this application a go. U.S. Armed Forces costs $.99.

8) My Picturetown
Yes, I know that this application was released in December, but it was released after my other list so I deemed that it was okay to add to this one. All new lists will strictly be in their month only.
I know that this is basically an application that allows users of Nikon’s service to upload, download, and edit their pictures.. Sure, this seems pretty basic and stupid, but it is one of the first application on the iPhone to allow this perfectly and seamlessly. My Picturetown is free.

7) Let’Em Ride Pro

You can read my full review of Let’Em Ride Pro here.
On my top-10 of 2008 list, Avalix had two honorable mentions, Baccarat Pro and Blackjack 21: Pro. With Let’Em Ride Pro, they, again, have created a masterpiece of a game. The PRO series is made up of perfect games with flawless designs. Let’Em Ride is simply a casino game that is made almost perfectly. The game play is addictive, the graphics neat and bright, and the touch controls not problematic. You can grab Let’Em Ride PRO for $4.99.

6) Web Developer’s Bible
Anybody who does any programming or coding knows that we all keep little cheat books near us. From the basic HTML for beginners to advanced spreadsheets for the experts, we all have these little hint books. Web Developer’s Bible is an application that is exactly that, but in a more user friendly UI and a much more compact book. From basic HTML tags to C-Format strings, this application has it all. It also has a RGB-hex code book. Web Developer’s Bible is free.

5) Analytics Pro
No, this is not made by Google. Yes, it does access you Google Analytics data. That is pretty much all you need to know about this application. Though it is missing some basic information, Analytics Pro gives you your Google Analytics profile anywhere you are. You can view the viewers, see the countries, and keep track of your various campaigns. All-in-all, this application is an exceptionally good port of the real version. Analytics Pro costs $3.99.

4) Seafood Watch from Monterey Bay Aquarium

You can read my full review of Seafood Watch here.
While Seafood Watch is nowhere near as good as many of the other candidates, it got into the top-10 simply because of the overall good that it can do (see the subjective line in the first paragraph). The programming is good and the UI nice, but the app really doesn’t deserve to place. That is, it doesn’t until you consider what it does. Seafood Watch gives you data on the health of what you eat. Both if it is healthy for the environment and if there are any concerns for you. This application helps to save the earth and her ecosystems, so I feel that it is easily a top-10 app. Seafood Watch is 100% free.

3) Keynote Remote
I think that Apple likes to rhyme. This application is flawless, which is expected because it came from the iPhone makers themselves. Using WiFi, you are able to control your Keynote presentation from your phone like it was a remote control. This is almost the exact same way that they created the iTunes Remote app. The controls and UI are great and this application is exceptionally well polished (duh). The only thing holding this back is that it only works on Keynote, which most people, even Mac owners, do not use. Somebody please make one of these for Powerpoint and OO.o’s Presentation. Keynote Remote costs a whopping $.99.

2) World Customs
World Customs is a great application for anybody traveling around the, well, world. From how to hold you legs in the Arabic world (hint, do not show them the bottom of your foot) to the fact that people in Polynesia smile when embarrassed, this application is a must have. Any person planning on traveling, or even just studying a culture in school, will find many, many uses for this app. World Customs costs $.99 and is worth it.

And the big winner, the best application from January 2009…

1) AccelaStudy, any of them
(As a side note, this was originally released in November of 2008. The application was not that useful or worthwhile until an update in Jan. of 2009. That is why I consider it part of 2009)
This is a no-brainer and probably one of the leading candidates for the top-10 of 2009 post at the end of the year. AccelaStudy is the RosettaStone of the iPhone. With over 2,000 words for each language, this application goes hand-in-hand with World Customs. Tailored to each person, and soon to feature audio files, this app is a must have for anybody traveling the world. With 5 starting languages, and dozens of feeder languages, each AccelaStudy module will set you back $14.99

There you have it, those are the top-10 applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch from Jan. of 2009. Check back next month for another top-10 list.

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