Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let’s Talk Pot

No, we are not going to be talking about the legality of drugs. I know that Peter wants me to discuss this at some point, but I think a back-and-forth between Ander and Peter would make more sense on this subject. No, we are instead going to briefly discuss three pot-themed events from the last two weeks.
If you want to know what gave me the idea, it is very simple. I walked into the federal building today to mail some letters. After going through the scanner, I was chatting with the guards who were guessing what was in my bag (damn good at it, got the Eppie pen, the iPhone charger, and even my mouse USB receiver surrounded by change) and they mentioned to me that they had already busted two people that morning who tried to bring crackpipes in. Seriously, if you are entering a federal building that scans your bad, why the hell do you bring your crackpipe?

Phelps is in trouble again, with Pot this time…

Yes, the glorious and great Michael Phelps has been caught puffing and huffing from a nice little pipe. Thankfully, the DA and sheriff in the area are thinking of pressing charges and I hope that they do. Currently, pot is still illegal, and we should treat all persons – be they celebrity or not – the same when applying the law. I hope the Phelps gets jail time and probation (maybe even a ban from leaving the country), this will teach him what is right and wrong.

This does cause one to wonder, however, how stupid Phelps actually is. He gets in trouble for DUI once and then goes on to do this. Yet, somehow, he thinks the exact same apology (literally) will work. This dude is a role model to so many children, what the hell is thinking? Furthermore, how stupid is it to light up when there are kids with cameras all around you? Seriously, this was 100% guaranteed to make the news. I do not think that Phelps is that intelligent.

Speaking of idiots…

…this dude is busted twice with pot WITHIN 24 HOURS. He goes from getting busted for possession to getting nailed while driving a VILLAGE TRUCK. Seriously now, how stupid is this person? How can you get in trouble once and then go off and get in trouble only a few hours later. When people get speeding tickets, they don’t speed for the rest of the weekend. That is just basic common sense

On a side not, I hope that he is no longer employed by the city.

Google Maps make a great find
Recently, some dudes in Switzerland got nailed when cops noticed that there was a strange phenomena in their crops. Yep, using Google Maps cops were able to detect almost two acres of ‘hidden’ pot growing in a field of corn. While this might seem like a great way to hide your illicit growing op., it seems as though technology is emerging to thwart it.

The question, of course, is if this is an invasion of privacy or not. I would assume that it isn’t as it clearly is in public view. If I could see your pot flying over in my harrier jet (won it from Pepsi) then it is definitely not a invasion of privacy when I see it with a Google satellite. Basically, criminals are going to need to come up with better ways to hide their stash.


Kadim said...

A difficult prosecution. They'd have to figure out a way of proving that it was pot in the pipe.

I was surprised this was such a big deal. And the sponsors don't think it's a big deal.

I think pot is slowly but surely making its way towards legalization. It undoubtedly exists in a legal limbo--where it's semi-tolerated. It's entirely possible that it will continue to exist in a legal-limbo--where there is enough support to keep enforcement generally low, but not not enough support to change the laws.

Unfortunately, said limbos result in unequal outcomes.

Barga said...

I am sure that whalertly could add more, but it would be easy seeing that he admitted to it.

It should not be in limbo, either it should be enforced or not

Kadim said...

I won't go so far as to say that legal limbos are the "rule", but they're so common that I can't say that they are the "exception."

Our nation's immigration laws are a straight up puppyfuck which are in no way representative of the collective desire of the people of this country. For a variety of reasons, the political machinery which turns out laws is in paralysis on immigration.

However, the simultaneously severe yet ineffective and spotty enforcement of said laws results in the political compromise that was unachievable in Congress.

It's not pleasant--in fact it's a downright violation of human rights at times. But legal limbo is clearly a useful, if unintentional, political tool.

I get unnerved by people who perceive law as being a black/white phenomenon, when clearly it isn't. A lot of these people are our legislators, who should know better, and realize that legal limbos are unfortunate, but largely unavoidable, and really should write laws to make legal limbos a bit easier to deal with.

Barga said...

Again, not to answer for whalertly, but I think the issue is simply in how it is enforced. No matter what we do, it is not possible to ensure fairness 100%, but the laws should be applied equally.

Ben said...


Barga said...


Ander said...

Prohibition doesn't work.

Barga said...

I think that we all agree with this
that said, i also think that it does work, look at the nukes none of us have


Ander said...

thats not because of prohibition.


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