Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Blockbuster... Welcome to the people from one minute writer...

Hello and welcome to the people that are coming here after seeing my prompt over at one minute writer. While I normally only post on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, I wanted to have a special post to greet you guys. After all, I am nor that proud, and a new post could get me lots of new regular readers.
I am currently out of the state backpacking and hiking with a friend ( I know, bad timing) so I will not be able to answer comments right away . On Saturday, after I get back, I will respond to what everybody has said.. That said, please check out my older and more recent posts, come back every m/w/f, and comment on anything that stries your fancy. Even if there is nothing up in the past that doesn't interest you ( hard to believe that could be the case, as I have a large selection), odds are that in the near future there will be something for you.

That said, please enjoy my blog
Thanks, and have a good day

This is a taste of what you can find on my blog

I am thinking of actually sending this to blockbuster, please let me know if you think that I should:

Dear Blockbuster,

Our time together was amazing. You provided everything that I wanted; you gave me movies, great movies, made them cheap for me, and even let me extend them when I wanted to. Your prices were cheap, and you had everything that I could want. You even had candy and soda, sitting their for me to impulsively grab. Oh Blockbuster, you were great. But, sadly, as with all good things, our relationship must come to an end.

It isn't me, it was you. You changed, just way too much.

You see, I loved you because you were so useful, because you were so friendly, because you helped me find everything that I wanted. Blockbuster, you saved me a lot of money, and helped me get the movies I wanted. I liked being able to find the movies I wanted - any movies that I wanted - and get them right when I wanted it.

But you changed, your ways are different. I signed up with you because I wanted movies on demand and a large selection of them. While you still give them to me at the moment I wanted them, you don't have much of a selection anymore. Only a quarter of your store cater to what I want, that is, only a quarter provide me standard DVDs. Until about two weeks ago, the rest was useless, as I did not have a Bluray player. Now that I have said player, half of your store caters to me, which I am happy for.

But what about the other half? Remember, I rented from you because I wanted movies, and a large selection of them. But then you had to go and add games to your collection. You are Blockbuster Movies, not Blockbuster Movies and Games. So why, oh why, did you have to add games to your selections. You made it so that I had a limited selection, which is the opposite of what I wanted.

So, my dear Blockbuster, what am I to do now?

When people say that 'we should start seeing other people', it usually means that they have somebody else in mind. I do, and I am sorry for doing this to you. You see, while you were off catering to the nerdy gamers, I was being wooed by some new, hot upstart. Netflix, with its huge selection, movies on line, and daily mailing, won my heart. She provides me with everything that you used to; I can get the movies I want, quickly, I can pick from a large selection, and I pay very little. Plus, she adds a kick, she lets me keep the movies as long as I want.

Oh Blockbuster, I still love you. But, time has changed you, and I can not longer be a part of your life. My dear, you still know my number, and still have all of my information, so, if you change, please call me. I would love to come back into your bussom.

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