Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 Facts about Me...

I stole this from Lisa over at LCS, Enjoy the read...

1)I have the locket of a girl I once loved. She died a little more than 6 years ago in early December. Anyways, it means a lot to me

2) I hate Taco Bell, with a passion. It is absolutely disgusting, the food is sick, the makers are growdy, and the vegie has meat in it. Sure, me hating it is no secret. But, what is, is the fact that when I am drunk I eat it like crazy.

3) I met my girlfriend when she was a freshman and I a senior in highschool. I taught a class that she took (science fiction).

4) I love to write. I write poetry, songs, and essays. I also write short stories. I have tried to write several novels, but, unlike Lisa, I have yet to finish one.

5) I am really a perfectionist, I am just too lazy to see it through

6) I watch Law and Order, CSI, NCIS, and Criminal Minds simply to point out the logical flaws, the legal flaws, and the ways a good defense attorney could win the case.

7) This one might sound like it is from a movie, but, frankly, I said it to my mother long before it was referenced in a movie... When I was younger I watched OC, read Seventeen and Cosmo, and looked at other girly things. I did this to get girls... What better way is there then to know wh thye like?


Jyoti said...

Hey Robert, Gr8 post. Enjoyed reading 7 Facts about you ;-)

By the way, what does Whalertly mean? Is it "Whaler tly" or "Whalert ly"?

Anonymous said...


Whalertly said...

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed it. Please come back and look at it again in the future... As for what Whalertly means, here is what I explained to another person:
Break it down, the word is a combination of two other words, Whale and Alertly...

I love marine organisms and also believe I am large, hence the Whale

I am alert, and fully follow politics and the modern age, hence the Alert

Combine them, whalertly"

Whalertly said...

what what?

Anonymous said...


Whalertly said...

Thanks anon, love you too


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