Monday, December 15, 2008


As most of you know, I will be out camping and hiking and what-not with Pete O (a frequent commenter on this site, even though he is a Republican) and his father. As we will be gone for most of the week, there will be no real new story for this week, but there will still be updates on my normal days. I will comment on any comments when I get back, and I hope you guys can live without me for a week...

The upcoming posting schedule is as follows:
Monday (today) - This is a trial of what would be a longer (say 7 pages instead of 2) story, let me know what you think

Wednesday - This will be a post I stole from Lisa over at Liberal Common Sense. It will be a list of 7 things that you didn't know about me.

Friday - This is an essay (my final) for English 275 (A Thematic Approach To Lit.) It is my position on how Sci-fi authors feel about what humanity is, that is, what a human is. It is part 1 of 4 for my Humanity series, which is mainly in response to Alex, the PETA-poster (feel free to comment on other posts Alex, I am sure your input would be nice on all others)

Monday - Probably a collection of pictures taken on my trip.

After Monday I have no set schedule, but I will do my best to get all four parts of the humanity series up in the near future.

With that said, enjoy today's post....

I stand up, my back glistening in the candle light as yet another bead of sweat drips down it, slowly traversing my rough skin. The rubber sheath snaps as I pull it off- and it stings like a bitch -, one shot, make it, into the waste basket it goes. I root through the pile of clothing, grabbing my boxers. My head is still swimming, those stars still shooting around; calm down, just a bit more and I am out the door. Right leg in, left, slowly pull them up. I even snaps the band around my waste for the sound. God, I love sounds.

“Cindy dear, it is time to get going. I've got my actual meeting now, it is time for me to go.”

“John, love, must you go so soon? I only get to see you but every once in a while, the times when you have time to get away from your meetings. Love, I want to see you more..”

“Honey, we both know that I can only see you a few times, we both know the risks that I am taking even being with you”

I locate my Levis, pulling them up one leg at a time, over my boxers.


Every time I go to a meeting I forget that I needs the shirt first. The pants go flying back to the ground, in their place, my hands suddenly grasp the blue fabric of the shirt. Left arm, right arm, pull tight. I pause for a moment, remembering how I do it at home; I would toss it into the air and then run beneath it, hoping to catch it properly upon my sexy shoulders. Button one to nine, top to bottom. Look sharp. My hands grope at the floor, attempting to attach themselves to the legs of the pants. There they are. One leg in, other leg in, meet at the waste. I buttons up, zips up the fly, listening to the sound as it slowly grinds and seals itself up. God, I love sounds.

“John, you told me that you would be here for me. You told me that it would only be a few more months, and that then you would be with me. John...”

“You are ruining this moment”

“John, we have too many of these moments, your meetings, your job, your parents. Why do you keep making excuses to me, why can't you just do what you promised?”

I search for a few minutes, as the clock slowly ticked past the fleeting moments of my frivolous life. There they are, balled up under the register, two small black bundles that should be encasing my sole. I unroll them, place them on my feet, slowly pulling the fabric up my leg to its maximum hight. My leg hairs rustle slightly as the sock pulls itself over them. God, I love sounds.

“What I promised you just can't happen yet. There are too many factors, there are too many lies. Cindy, I will be with you forever, just give me time”

“You have been telling me that for years, when will it be? When the fuck will it be John? I want it now. I am getting sick of waiting, now or never baby”

Bitch, cunt, whore, slut, fucker; I go through the list in my head, thinking of what I should really say to her out loud.

“Cindy, calm yourself. I promised didn't I, that means we will.”

I have my shoes on now, about god damned time, I can get the fuck out of here soon. Pull each arch, feel it tightening, slowly draining my cells of their life. I pull it all taut, just the way my daddy taught me, make my crosses and bows. Rabbit round the hole, hunter pokes on through. Pull tight. Repeat for the double. Someday, I might get loafers. My belt whips through the air, cracking, as I arc it round my middle, buckling it at the front. God, I love sounds.

“John, you said that last week when you were here about the hospital project. Stopping making these excuses, tell me right now, are we going to be together in the end or not?”

I look around. The hotel is a mess, but who the hell cares. The company covers everything, the room, the food, the condoms (though they don't know that), the cab, even the damage. About time to get out of here, to get the fuck away from the bitch. God, why the hell do I keep on seeing her? Oh yeah, she is great in the sack.

“Cindy, we will be, just give me time”

“Before you go, DEAR, put your ring back on”

How could I have forgotten that? Her father is my boss for fucks sake. He would figure it out and I could lose my job. Also, I could lose her.

“Thanks love, see you next week”

I walk out the door, latching it behind me. My ring sparkles and shines on the left ring finger. One solid ban of gold, carrying all the meaning in the world. My feet make a slight clump as they pound the pavement. God, I love sounds.

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