Sunday, October 5, 2008

Taxes Part 1

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This is a small intro (part 1) of a three part series on the tax changes proposed by both McCain and Obama. Today the entry is simply two images, one of which is the taxes based upon brackets, the other is the taxes based upon the percentage of the American population. On Wednesday, I will be posting a look into how the tax changes effect the citizens on Ohio followed by an update on Friday about how the taxes will effect the citizens in every single state, state by state. Enjoy the images.


This week, yet again, contains states that moved over to the Obama camp and none that moved over to the McCain camp. Nevada and Florida both switched to Obama with a small margin. Ohio, on the other hand, flipped into the blue with two gigantic poll leads. Both North Carolina and Virginia stayed in the Obama section, but their margins are still quite small. Missouri, on the other hand, stayed strongly in the McCain column.

The overall result means that Obama is winning in the Electoral College 353 to 185. Meanwhile, in the general election, Obama is winning with a score of 49.3 to 43.4 which means he has a +5.9 point lead; however, when you add Nader and Barr into the equation it drops to a 4.4 point lead. Based on the stats, it looks as though Obama is being harmed by Nader more than McCain is by Barr.

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1 comment:

Ben said...

Barr hasnt caught traction, like I thought he wouldnt. That is some good news for Mccain.


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