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Signs Signs, Everywhere are signs...

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See, and none of you thought that the last sentence in my last post meant anything. Look, I was giving you all a hint, enjoy it...

I drive down any street and see signs in every yard. From signs about certain landscapers to signs about roofers to signs about painters to signs telling me that something is art (a Worthington thing, the item is not art, and we should have no art building here). All of these signs exist to capture my attention, to get me to use the product next time I need that sort of product, or to get me to support another cause. These signs are colorful, have 'catchy' slogans, and they sometimes even have pretty little pictures. Yep, you agree to advertise for companies, politicians, and organizations for free. Don't you feel used?

Signs appear more often during this time of year, especially, on the even years. We have signs for Kilroy, signs for Strivers, signs for Obama/Biden, and signs for McCain*Palin. All of the signs have small text and disclaimers, they all have websites, yet the only thing you can usually read is the candidate that is running. These signs, of course, give you only a brief view into the house owners psyche. Did they just like the colors? Do they support all of the policies or only more than the other persons? Why McCain over Obama? Why Obama over McCain? You know absolutely nothing about these people.

Wait, but you actually know a lot more about people then you thought. Say I have a sign that says I support Obama as well as a sign that I support Kilroy; clearly, the assumption is that Kilroy is similar to Obama. Now, this seems obvious, unless you get signs for Strivers and signs for Obama. Yep, a rather-right candidate with a rather-left candidate. Hmmm, see a problem here? Certain good candidates could be lost by their grouping with the bad candidates. This sort of thing is common, and has cost several persons and issues their passing. If I see a sign for Issue 6 with a sign for McCain, odds are I will vote against Issue 6. When you start dealing with undecideds (as I am for most state based issues, not federal or local) then you need to be cautious of what signs you put out.

Now, you are all probably asking where this all came from; well, the other day I was following a car that had bumper stickers galore on it. From “make love not war” to “Obama/Biden” to “no more Bush in the white house until we elect a woman” it seemed like a typical left-leaning (far) car. This is all fine and dandy to me, as I already associate Obama with anti-bush. The problem was the oldest and biggest bumper sticker: “Free Leonard Peltlier”. You know what, he shot and killed two federal agents, WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE FREE HIM. If I knew nothing about the candidates they supported, the positions on the stickers, and Mr. Obama, then I would never would support those people after reading these crazy bumper stickers. Keep your stickers rational if you want to help somebody mainstream get into power.

Guys, if you want to help somebody, make sure you don't alienate everybody else.


I have finally resigned to the fact that every week is going to be poll after poll. While Ohio is still standing in the Obama category, the most recent poll gave McCain a 2 point lead; Ohio is a state to watch. Surprisingly, Virginia is now strongly in the Obama category (+8 average) which is far above the hidden racism issue. New Hampshire, which was considered one of the must wins this year, now has a +10.3 average for Obama.

Some good news for McCain, not only is he gaining in Ohio, but he is also regaining in Florida and holding in Missouri.

Overall, Obama is winning the EC 353 to 185 which is a strong lead. In the general polling, Obama is winning with a 49.7 to 42.4 point lead (7.3 points overall). When Barr and Nader are added to the equation, Obama is winning by only 4.2 points. Nader is pulling 2.5 points where as Barr is pulling 1.3 points. No wonder more Republicans donate to Nader than democrats. While the polls do not include the hidden racism, he seems to be outside of that margin in most states. With these constant leads, it seems more and more that Obama has this in the bag... barring a October Surprise...


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