Friday, October 10, 2008

Taxes, Part 3... not really...

There is no real post today, instead it is just a hodge-podge of three various little things:

Part 1)

I had been planning on putting an entry about every state that tied into my Tax series but realized that it was rather pointless. No state has a median (middle number, not average) that is above the line where McCain saves you more than Obama. If you are voting your wallet, then every single state should be in the Obama category, it is as simple as that. I expect every single state to have at least 40% of their votes in the Obama category, as that is how many voters place the economy as the number one issue. Frankly, if people cared only about their wallets, McCain would have even less of a chance.

Part 2)

Can a sentence be a part? Oh well, there will be three sentences then. Go check out my latest review over at blog critics

Part 3)

I do not see myself as an attractive person. I am smart, somewhat fit, and able to hold my own, but I am definitely not a hot person. So, when a chick in a restaurant (server) gives you her number, it is kinda an odd thing. I mean, I am quite content with my current girlfriend, and I would never consider cheating, but it is a good feeling to know that somebody else thinks you are attractive. And, hey, the girl wasn't bad looking either. It gives you a feeling of belonging, of worth, etc. Hmmm, maybe this is why men who have a midlife crises find a hot young thing to get with. Just a thought....


Signs, Sings, everywhere a sign...

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