Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let The Rating Begain

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It all started when I was in the 8th grade, some new site came along using the then-groundbreaking web 1.5 format. It gave you options to submit a picture, give numerical values to certain criteria, and bitch about teachers who gave you bad grades. Oh, yeah, it was also an useful tool for determining what teachers you wanted to have and what ones you would avoid. That site was

Ratemyteachers is a site that lets you do just that, rate the people who teach you. You can rate their clarity, easiness, and even their hotness. It is a site that is dedicated to helping students plan their classes. It also helps us vent. While I think that the site is a useful tool in planning a class schedule, I think it is wrong for several reasons. Why should teachers be punished for giving kids bad grades? In the age of teacher-student sex, do we really want the teachers to be rated on a hot scale?

I think that would be a good site if they locked it down and worked on it. Separate the biased attacks from those that are actually productive. Sure, it is fine to include the 'easy A', or 'impossible class' but leave off the stuff like 'asshole' and 'biased little twat'. The only personal attack that is worthwhile on that site is when they talk about a teachers accent. No offense, but I believe that teachers and TAs should speak English in such a manner that it is understood. That should be a fundamental rule of all American Colleges (unless they are a FL teacher). Clean up the site, edit it a bit, and it would be a great tool.

The site recently decided to do something new; they decided to allow the teachers to strike back. That is right, the teachers are allowed to attack the students who attack them. While this seems like a good idea if it is the teacher defending themselves (especially about the accents), it has become a little war. Teachers attack the students, students attack back, nothing happens. The question I have is where it became professional to attack a student because they insulted you. If I see a teacher I have scheduled attacking a kid for any reason verbally then I will make sure not to have their class. Teachers should be professional, no matter what is thrown at them.

Overall, I think that is a site which reflects the morality of our current culture. We seem to think that it is okay to attack a person as long as we are hidden behind the name sexybeast10382.

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Mountain Sage said...

I don't know much about the RMT site as I'm past school age and I have no children. It sounds like it has become a very childish tit for tat brawl between students and teachers.

I agree with you...teachers should have enough maturity and professionalism to not engage in this ridiculous contest.


Ben said...

I only had one TA in college that had questionable English skills. It was also the class I got a C in.

Barga said...

I still blame my math teacher for my poor grade in calc this year as I could barely understand her

Now my astro. 162 teacher in indian too, ick


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