Monday, September 22, 2008

An Elitist Leader

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As I am sitting here typing this at a local coffee house I happened to look up and notice a group of young teen girls. Just wondering, but of the mothers who read this, have you taught your kids how much makeup to wear? If not you should; these girls looked like clowns.

When did it become a political attack to call somebody smart? When did it become acceptable to vote against somebody because they have more experience than you, because they are smarter than you, because they know how to handle money better than yourself? Why is it suicide, politically speaking, to admit that you are superior in mental abilities, in financial logic, or even in governing than the rest of America (especially because at the same time you are trying to argue that you are above the opponent)? Why is it such a crime to be an elitist in American politics? Isn't it more logical that we take these people and place them far above us?

I have never understood why we want somebody who would be a good golf buddy as our president. As Hamel on Trial put it: "..You see a guy from a bar emerging and think, hell, he'll be fuck of a surgeon..." The logic is inescapable, we place a person in charge of us based on the fact that we can be good friends with them, but not because they would be a CEO; this is an illogical move on our parts, but one that we seem doomed to repeat over and over.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think that our leaders should be willing to not know everything. They should know what they are experts in and what they are not. If they get proper advisors, then that is all they need. Yet, any person of average intelligence will not know based on their own experiences what to do in every situation. Our leader should be smart enough to know what to do without advisors, well, to at least know kinda what to do. Do keep in mind, that I mean elitist as a form of intelligence or true superiority (including like Michael Jordan in Basketball), not as favoring the elite. Our president and congressional members should be our leaders, not members of the pack.

So, when you hear Obama going on about McCain owning 7 houses (keep in mind that Cindy owns all 7, 4 of which are used be other members of the family) or McCain explaining that Obama talks down to the US citizens (he should, half of them think we are doing okay right now) take it with a grain of salt. Realize that they are both above the masses (both in social hierarchy positions, their financial independence, and their intelligence). While they might not be above you, they are above the masses. That is where they should be, that is where we want our leaders to be. It is high time that we start electing real leaders, not our beer bringers (this is not an attack on John McCain.)


This previous week seemed to be the week of Polls That Barga Had Never Heard Of. Seriously, like 20 new polling groups showed up, released a poll, and died. One thing I have never understood is why they poll places like California and Alaska; seriously people, these polls are useless and a waste of money as they are already known.

So, for the new polls from last week up until 6pm Sunday Night: Nothing, absolutely nothing. There was no change what-so-ever and yet here I was spending about 15 minutes to sort through the polls. That said, Obama is still winning the GE by 2.2 points and the EC race 273 to 265. Interestingly, one of the closer polls happens to be in Minnesota, which is a tipping state.


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Anonymous said...

Good points, I think about this a lot. It bothers me when people call the candidates(and Obama seems to get most of the flak here) "elitist"... I mean, yeah, no shit, I WANT my president to be smarter than me. Would YOU* want a stupid (or even average) president? Oh, wait a minute, we already know how that turns out, don't we?

*The you here is impersonal

Barga said...

hmmm, pay attention to the arguments on gaia much?

which member are you?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what that is.

Barga said...

well, I had a discussion about the use of 'you' on there and so I was thinking of it logically.

Anonymous said...

No, i just think about those kinds of things cause I'm a linguistics buff.

Barga said...

hmmm, why do you chose not to identify yourslef?

Anonymous said...

My name's gabe, I just haven't bothered to make a Blogger account.

Barga said...

and how did you get this site (just wondering, personal query)

Hajile said...

You make a good point. But while I want a president above the average intellgence, I want one with humility too. People should be able to recognize that he is intulectually superior without him having to boast it.


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