Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Lie To Me Argentina

This is more of a small rant than anything else...

So, I called up ACER today for some help with my aspire one. It has linpus linux which has an outdated version of netmanager on it. I figured it would be a call where i simply asked them 'when are you going to update this'. See, most universities use something called WPA enterprise for their wifi, the netmanager only goes up to WPA personal, which means no University access. I had been working on it for roughly 14 hours, using online guides and the like but having no over all success. I figured I should let Acer know of the problem, and then wait it out.

Needless to say, Acer did not do that. First, when I call support, I expect to get support, not an agent who can link me to $35/hour support. I expect a person who knows what a terminal is, what linux is, and what WPA is. That said, Shinaya (sp?) did not. So, I asked her about the wifi and she went to talk to her boss. She came back, said the wifi card did not support it, and then asked if their was anything else. I got a bit confused here, as I know the card supports it, I know that people have done it, and their XP version (WITH THE SAME BLOODY CARD does it. I told her this, said it made no sense at it eliminated their main target audience, and asked again when it would be supported.

So she wanders off to talk to her manager again. Hey, doll, maybe you should put him on the phone... ANyways, she comes back and explains to me that buisness are not the main AA1 target, and that students are; she said students didn't need WPA enterprise. I then explained to her that almost every university uses enterprise and that it would keep most students from being able to use the computer. She said she could forward me to tech. support about it for 35/hour, I told her no thanks and that I would no longer be purchasing from Acer (this is my 6th Acer product).

This reminded me a lot of my Iphone transfer. I transfered to ATT (you might remember my post bitching about early term. fees) an got several calls from Verizon. I explained that I wanted a combined bundle of home internet, cable, and cell. The lady told me they had that. I asked about it, and she quoted me with home phone instead of cell. I explained it again, she said they had it, and then quoted me with cell/cable/broadband CARD internet. Explained it again, told me she had it, blah blah blah. NEWS FLASH: you don't have it, don't lie to me...

The moral of this rant is that you should not lie to your customers. I am relatively smart and have already checked up on what I want to know. Trust me, I don't want to talk to you if I can help it. I expect to be treated with honesty and people who know their own product. Is that too much to ask when I spent $350 or 77$ a month?

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