Friday, September 19, 2008

A Riot in Miami

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On the 15th of September the students at Miami University in Ohio rioted over a decision by the president of the school. For a non-obvious-bias site check out this one. With the nearby city of Oxford having no power due to Ike, and most students living off campus, the students figured that there should be no school. Miami, on the other hand, had power and thus the president decided that they should indeed have classes. The students, with their infinite wisdom, decided that a riot was in order. In the end, four were arrested, and nothing changed.

In case you couldn't notice it, I had a huge amount of dislike towards the students in the previous paragraph. I understand their frustration and their points, but, frankly, they went about this in the wrong manner. They should have asked peacefully, argued points, and staged a sit-out. By rioting they are only harming their image, the image of the university, and getting themselves in deep-shit. Your president decided to keep classes going, deal with it legally.

While I think that the students were in the wrong 100%, I also understand their point; why would you have classes when the kids COULD NOT be ready to be able to attend them. If the kids can not shower, can not charge their phones, and can not even do homework on their laptop, then how can you expect them to be able to do their work in class. The president should have waited until the power was up and running in most of Oxford prior to starting classes up again. Either way though, always follow the law in protests.

On a side note, at OSU some students are selling hot showers... There is a discount for couples!!!

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