Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Site Review: Abstract Inclinations

Ecommerce for Ecommerce’s sake is an empty phrase…

“Art for art's sake, is an empty phrase. Art for the sake of truth, art for the sake of the good and the beautiful, that is the faith that I am searching for.”
-George Sand

Most people consider anything to be art. They think that anything can be considered an art form, or an art piece. They do not consider the time, or the meaning, behind the works themselves. These meanings differentiate between what is art and what is simply scribbles on a page. It is far more than just splashes of color upon a canvas covered frame; art is something that is beautiful, moving, or a learning experience. Art simply is.

When you look at Abstract Inclinations (AI) you must keep that in mind. The site is full of art, but not always what you or I could tell as art. No, it is art of the abstract nature, art that has meaning if you can find it, and is only splashes of color and lines if you can’t. Currently, the art is only by Stephen N, but there are plans to enlarge the selection on AI. There are also tshirt designs available, with both art images and funny sayings on them.

Now, I normally do not like abstract art (read, I hate it) but I actually liked some of the art on AI. Most of the art was abstract and colorful, but i couldn't understand it. Sure, I could see the passion and work that went into it, but I couldn’t see what it meant. Some of the art, on the other hand, actually spoke to me, and I was quite moved. Homage Pollock, which is a green, yellow, and black piece on a white canvas really spoke to me. Frankly, if I had the cash, I would buy it right now.

Just like the actual art work, I actually really enjoyed the shirt designs that were on the site. Now, when I am not at work, I wear shirts with sayings on them. Most of them are witty, but some are just outright odd. The shirts on AI fit my personality perfectly. They have wit, funny sayings, and even one has the sophomoric humor that I am so used to. Though I can not attest to the make or quality of the shirts themselves, the sayings would look at home in a Hot Topic store.

Okay, so this is a review of a website, I think that I have discussed the content enough; let’s talk about the site itself. AI is a site that is dedicated to presenting artworks from independent artists to the world. Currently they are only hosting works by Stephen N, they will be enlarging the selections and allowing a wider range of art to be shown. I like the collaborative effort on the part of the website to help others out and to showcase their own work.

Normally, I only see art in galleries, so I really like the idea of having it on a website. When I do go art shopping (first Saturday of the Month is a Gallery Hop in Columbus), I wander from one establishment to another, always trying to find that one piece that sticks out at me. With AI, however, I am able to shop for art while in my boxers and can see everything in one place. This is not only easier for myself, but it also helps the artists as they are able to combine their efforts into one location. I like this method of selling art, and I really hope that it catches on.

The only downside of AI is really a few coding areas. The site has a good layout, good design, and a good message, but that is overshadowed by these issues. There is no mouse-over for anything but the top bar, and that really confuses me. Due to this, half of the links were never noticed until I searched around the page to find them. This should be a quick fix, and it is something that is needed to make navigation better. Additionally, the site doesn’t reset every time you visit. Currently, if you were on page 3 of the art, you start on page 3 again next time you are there. If this was a larger site that would make sense, but as a small site it is annoying. Again, this is an easy fix and one that I hope is done soon.

Overall, I believe that Abstract Inclinations is a pretty cool and nifty idea. The site has plenty of potential, and I am hoping that, in the future, more artists show up and contribute. I can see AI making a splash on the art scene and helping casual buyers like myself find art at our fingertips (literally). The only thing holding it back is the lack of multiple artists and some coding, both of which are easily fixed. I strongly urge you to go check out Abstract Inclinations today.

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