Monday, May 18, 2009

Hand Holding Can Cause Babies

Before we start, the bossman wanted me to say a few quick things:
1) The swine flu thing will come when it goes live on blogcritics the next normal update later
2) His PETA and being careful about how much you try to take on will be the next one after that, or on wednesday, whichever happens first
3) he hates you
4) okay, I added the fourth one

Anyway, moving on

IN case you didn't already know, there is a nice court case in the news about a kid and his dad suing his school. See, the school suspended him (though allowed him to take the finals and graduate) for attending prom with his girlfriend. The school also bans rock music, dancing, and holding hands (After all, that can cause babies). So, this kid and his dad are suing the school. Before you get all riled up and pissy, note that the school is a private baptist institution. (

So, we have this kid, and he is suing his school, and this just gets really fun. Why is it fun? Well, it is fun because you have three different areas to look at. You have the fact that the school is acting on an act outside of their jurisdiction, the fact that it is private, and the fact that the dad paid a shit ton to go there. Let's play with this

So, well, for starters, the step-dad points out that the school has no right when it is outside of a school function and off of school grounds. This is a good argument, FOR A PUBLIC SCHOOL, and one that SCOTUS has upheld many times. In this case, however, the school is private and thus free to do as they please within reason. The school informed Tyler of the risk, had a signed contract stating that he would follow the rules, and yet he still disobeyed. The school was well within their rights to punish him in this manner.

Well, I just covered the second point as well. Shit

Another interesting facet of this issue is the fact that the dad is paying tens of thousands of dollars to send his kid here, and yet he didn't read the contract. When you buy anything, a car, a house, a prostitute, and an education, always read the contract. Here, the dad didn't, and now he is pissed off. Frankly, I want the court to throw this out and have the dad pay ALL court costs, serves him right.

Because my second point got covered in the first, just a random fourth (3rd) point. IN all honesty, I believe that Heritage Christian is acting exactly as they should. The kid violated the rules and he is punished. While the school could have kicked him out, they did the proper and Christian thing (hehe) and let him graduate. Frankly, good job to the school.

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