Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What do Hillary Clinton and Israel have in common?

Warning, this post contains preliminary information (I have yet to read his tax release), keep that in mind

Absolutely nothing, but it got you to read this sentence didn't it? Well, not really nothing; it turns out that one of her under secretaries, Jacob Lew, has between $15,000-$50,000 in Israeli bonds. This presents a nice little problem and conflict of interest (read about it by clicking the READ MORE link)

to start with, I have no issue what-so-ever with our diplomats owning stock in companies around the world. I do, however, have an issue with them owning stock in Countries. Clinton and her ilk have the job of protecting America's best interests, and how does that work when her people have a vested interest in protecting Israel?

While it might seem unlikely that we will stop protecting Israel anytime soon, we might for some unknown reason. At that point, what do you think Lew will do?

Think of it like this, the governor owns stock in Exxon, he shouldn't deal with Exxon at all while in office. Here Israel is Exxon and the governor is Lew. Simply put, this reeks of the strong possibility for corruption and conflicts.

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Anonymous said...


Check out the finances of the Clinton Foundation. If you're going to blog about a potential SOS Clinton conflict of interest, you've missed the mark w/ this Lew stuff.

Whalertly said...

the difference is that Bill is his own person and not at all tied to the SoS

Peter said...

except by marriage. ;)

Whalertly said...

Peter, that is not exactly the point. Sure, she is married to Bill, who MIGHT have ties. But she herself doesn't

the difference between primary and secondary is huge

Anonymous said...

ALL high govt. employees should be expected to have interests that may conflict with their duties. Usually that has been taken care of by putting the potential conflicting items in blind trusts. To do otherwise would be to not be able to hire most "successful" people.

Barga said...

and the most successful is the best?


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