Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strickland and his budget issues are big news

Ohio is talked about in national media

Strickland has asked the leaders of various state unions to accept a paycut and an hour cut. In theory, this should drastically lower the state's budgetary woes. The issue is that, for good reason, the Union's are hesitant to accept this cut. They also have no guarantee that the cut will actually help them. Due to this, the Union wants to wait until they know the budget and see if we are getting any money.

To start off, I want to say that I think the concept of a bailout by the federal government should nto be applied to this equation. Seriously, why should we consider a ONE TIME FIX for a FULL TIME PROBLEM? If we look only at the money that will be given to our state by Obama, we are delaying this issue for another year or two. Basically, we should fix it now, so that we can use the extra money for much more needed items.

As for cutting payment to the workers, this is a mixed thing in my mind. Sure, it is good to keep taxes low, but cutting already low saleries is nto goign to help our economy. State workers make very little, and the economy needs their extra money to survive. Cutting their pay will harm the economy in the long run.

Maybe if our state actually focused on important issues and not mundane issues in the senate/house (stripper bill, looking at you) then we wouldn't be in this shithole

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