Monday, December 29, 2008

Bhutto, a year later

A year ago Saturday, on the 27th of December 2007, a gunman shot her through the head. A following explosion made sure she was dead. There died Pakistan's hope (or so they thought) for freedom.

Oh, and BTW, 20 people also died in the blast and hundreds were injured.

So, CNN is featuring several stories about Bhutto, but none about the people or what happened. This really irks me, I mean, several people died, and only one is cared about. It is like what happened with Lynch, sure, she was cute and all, but many other US soldiers had been captured. I do not like when the media just latches onto one person, and they totally ignore everything else.

Anyways, that was just a little rant. My biggest issue with Bhutto is far more simple, I think that she is responsible (partially) for those 20 deaths. Yep, I just said that...

Who caused 9/11/01? Well, some guys in a cave did it. Fundamental Muslims did it. The Saud's funded it and the ISI planned it. Oh, and, well, we caused them to hate us. Sure, the US government had no part in 9/11, but it created the environment where it could take place. Arguably, the US government is partially (very small bit, like 5% or so) responsible for 9/11 based on our actions in the world.

The same is true of Bhutto, just responsible for the deaths on 12/27/07. She should have stayed in exile, leaving the country to its own means. But no, she had to come back, had to be the center of it all, and had to have a VERY PUBLIC AND EASY TO ACCSESS welcome home. No fucking duh they blew her up, what else would they have done. Frankly, the way she acted, and the mere fact that she had to please her ego, is why those 20 people are dead.


I do not believe that the US government planned 9/11, I do not see any conspiracy done by them. For more evidence of why I do not believe the government planed it, please go HERE.


Ben said...

Did someone accuse you of thinking 9/11 was an inside job?

Barga said...

I was making sure that people didn't make that mistake after reading the post. I have been accused, when I say we brought it on ourself, or when I say we trained Bin Laden and funded ISI, that I am saying our gov't did it


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