Friday, November 21, 2008

A continuation on teens and sex:

*EDIT* this morning my AP feed on my iPhone alerted me that an Ohio girl (sorry, could no find a link to a website) admitted to sending naked images of herself to fellow high school boys. She was 15. This just goes to prove my point that teens are really already into sex nice and young, so parents pay attention. Also, The phone belongs to the parents, check who they called, their texts, and you know, you can look at the images they send. Parents, the ball is in your court, take it and use it*End Edit*

I would like to start with four quick things:
1) Over on Blogcritics I had the film article of the day with my breakup letter to Blockbuster. Please go read and comment on it.
2) Missouri went for McCain. HA, I was right about something.
3) It is mirror lake night, for those of you who do not know what this is, don't even ask. That said PARTY AND FREEZING WHALERTLY.
4) On Saturday it is the Michigan game, and it is also Senior Day. Now, I do believe that Pryor might be a better player than Todd, but I think that Tressel should let Todd take that first snap. he has been playing well, you gray and then red shirted him, and he has been the captain. Todd is playing with class, so should you Tressel.

A continuation on teens and sex:

As you might recall my entries on the Gloucer teens and their pregnancies and on the teacher/student relationships, I blame teens and parents for a lot when it comes to their sexual relationships. Being just out of the teenage years myself, I know that the kids are ultimatly behind their decisions, but that parents can play a large roll in the kids. Until my parents started paying more attention to me, I was a bad kid (no comment on age here), but once they did, while I still did bad things, I thought about them and analyzed them first, just to make sure it was at least a thought out bad thing. Basically, I am asking you parents to first talk to your kid, make sure that they can reason and analyze the issue, and then move on.

Anyways, to today's entry...

In two counties in Ohio, schools are being sued over their ineptitude in dealing with two cases of sexual harrasment. Two girls, were allegidly forced to perform oral sex on a school bus and got nothing when they reported it to the schools. This is outragous, and needs to be delt with quickly and harshly. Our students should not need to fear when they are assulted; they should be able to tell their teachers/school administrators and expect a result. It this happened in any office, the boss would be fired (and sued out of a ton of money) if they ignored it.

But, my issue is, what if the girls relationships were consentual, as the boys (and schools) claim. The schools followed up the allegations with investigations and found that the relationships were consentual. What school would find that way if it were not true? Wouldn't it be easier to say it were not, and keep this sort of suit away? I think that the schools probably had the right investigation, and that they are being sued because the girls do not feel comfortable admiting it to their parents. Keep in mind, I might be wrong on this

This is what bothers me the most. The parents should be the ones who the girls came to, and the fact that they didn't tells me that either there is something going on at home or that the girls are lying. Again, I could be wrong on this. So, I am wondering, why are the parents not more concerned that they were not told? Also, where was the bus driver during all of this.

Lastly, I think that charging the boys with rape is wrong. To me, Rape deals with sexual intercourse, not oral sex.

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