Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whalertly Endorses.... Local and Franklin County

Post 64

County Coroner
Jan Gorniak (D) vs Elaine Lewis (R)
While Lewis has a point that her husband has run the office well while maintaining a private job as well, I think that we need a fulltime (or, at least, no potential conflict) person in the office. Both have experience, both have worked at the office before. Gorniak, due to her desire to do only this work, is the winner in my book.

County Treasurer
Edward Leonard (D) vs Stephanie McCloud (R)
Both candidates have worked strongly in the government and have plans to save tax payers some money; frankly, there is very little difference in the two. Leonard, however, is endorsed by Cordroy, which makes me want him

Clerk of Courts
Clarence Mingo (R) vs Maryellen O’Shaughnessy (D)
Again, you have two people here who have similar goals and credentials. Both would make good contributions to this position, but O’Shaughnessy has a strong record of public-first as an attitude, which puts her ahead.

County Prosecutor
Tomi Dorris (D) vs Ron O’Brien (R)
Here it is a pretty simple case as Dorris withdrew from the ballot. O’Brien wins by default.

County Sherriff
James Karnes (D) wins by default. Wait, we seriously have a sheriff? I know what my ambitions now are.

County Commissioner (starting 1/2/09)
Paula Brooks (D) vs Angel Rhodes (R)
Rhodes has a point when she says that Brooks et al. bungled the ball park. While I agree that we should pick the cheapest group, usually, I agree that we should also pick ones whom agree with certain standards. While I do not think that a union contractor is worth an extra 2$million, I think that experience puts Brooks in the spot (I mean, Rhodes has nothing).

County Commissioner (starting 1/3/09)
Jeffery Miller (R) vs John O’Grady (D)
Frankly, this is the easiest decision for me (even easier than some of the ones where they are on their own, I always want to write myself in on those). I liked what O’Grady did as Clerk of Courts and so I have to Keep on supporting O’Grady.

County Engineer
Dean Ringle (R) wins by default.

County Recorder
Robert Montgomery (R) wins by default. I wonder what this job entails…

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