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Whalertly Endorsements on State Positions and US House

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On my second review I mentioned Paula Brooks and a waste of 2 million dollars on the ball park. I made a mistake there; it is two hundred-thousand dollars. I apologize for that.

US Representative: District 15
Don Elijah Eckhart (I) v. Mark Noble (L) v. Steve Stivers (R) v. Mary Jo Kilroy (D)
As a side note, I support Stivers and his service to this country; we need to honor all of those who risk their lives for our freedoms.
Eckhart is out right away with his statements about being exceptionally anti-abortion. Noble has some good arguments, and is young (something I, as a fledgling politico like the idea). However, his statements on what a Constitutional Government are, um, slightly out of line.
So, it comes down to Stivers and Kilroy. Kilroy screwed up on the ballpark, Stivers voted to keep payday lending. Strivers wants to increase drilling while Kilroy wants to work on health care and its costs. In the end, the fact that Stivers has no real bipartisan actions and Kilroy has worked greatly with all parties, thus giving Kilroy the win.

I am not touching this issue at all…

State Representative: District 21
Jeremiah Arn (L) v. Kevin Bacon (R) v. Jay Perez (D)
See my previous statement about Noble when looking at Arn. As for Bacon and Perez, it seems pretty clear cut. Bacon has worked with all parties, has a strong interest in health care and mentally disabilities care, and he also is working well in the school systems. Bacon is a clear winner.

State Board of Education: District 6
Kristen McKinley (NP) v. James Moyer (NP) v. Larry Wolpert (NP)
I have to be slightly careful on this one, as I know several people who will kill me if I pick the wrong person (worse off, they are rooting for different people); this is what I get for hanging out with political people.
Anyways, when it comes to education, two things come to my mind: School Funding and the science curriculum (Evolution by itself, all abiogenesis not allowed). I could find no actual information on Wolpert for the most part (I found some of his legislature record though). Lacking a website, or any real review (what he did for the LWV had little on it) I had to base it on his voting record. I am not really pleased with him.
When it comes down to McKinley and Moyer, you are stuck with a person who has been endorsed by pretty much everything that matters and a person who is fresh out of school himself. The issue here is that one website (Moyer) is put together by an acid-tripping eccentric person (seriously, look at its layout) and the other (McKinley) has absolutely nothing on it. Both McKinley and Moyer want better funding for our schools and want to work within the Supreme Courts decision.
However, Moyer argues that we should address only Evolution in the classroom (strongly, might I add) and McKinley (according to the Dispatch) says we must stay clear a debate on it. To me this is unacceptable as we need to take a firm stand on evolution in our schools and teach it with force. Science is science, regardless of what any book says. We should, however, teach the ID/Creationism/(insert your form of Abiogenisis here) in the social studies class as part of an ongoing issues series. Due to his strong position in favor of Evolution in the classroom, Moyer gets the endorsement.
That said, he should make sure that the “Paid for by Hermit crabs, hamsters and other classroom animals for Moyer” properly fill out their tax forms and that he is not committing fraud by listing them… Also, clean up your website a bit.

After writing this endorsement I revieved the following quote from one of my sources on McKinly:
"I am aware of the time spent by the current Board debating curriculum issues such as creationism versus evolution. Because the current state of the law is a separation between church and state, debating this subject is whittling away public funds over an issue that has no current place in public schools. I believe that there are far more pressing issues that this Board must address. "
Now, I want to point out that while this says she supports only evolution in classes, she says that she does because of the law, not because it is right. That is a bigger issue to me. She does not address the fact that only science should be in the science class, but the law. Moyer still wins do to this addressing.

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