Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10/28 Map Update

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There will be another map update on Tuesday at midnight, before any elections start. This current update is accurate up to 1:30 Monday Afternoon.

State-by-State (swing states)

Over all, Obama is winning 375 to 163

Florida - Obama is still hanging on to a lead in the peninsula state with a 1.9 point margin

Indiana - Surprising me, Indiana has moved into the Obama category. Granted, this is by .3 points

North Carolina - Like last week, Obama is holding this state with a slim 1.5 point lead

Nevada - Obama is keeping his lead in the sin state with a 3.5 point margin

Ohio - With, in my mind, the last entry considering Ohio a SS, Obama has a 6 point le


New Hampshire - Like Ohio, with its last entry as a swing state, Obama has a 5.6 point lead

Missouri - While McCain is making more ground here, Obama has +1.0

Montana - Now considered a swing state, McCain is still leading here by 4.5 points

Georgia -McCain is still holding on to his lead in this state with a 5.6 point margin

Arizona - Holy shit, a runners state is in play, McCain still is winning by 6 points


When looking at the national polls between Obama and McCain, you notice that Obama has a healthy 7.4 point lead.

When you take Barr and Nader into the equation, Obama's lead jumps up to 9.3 points.


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