Monday, September 8, 2008

We, They, Ours, and Theres

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"We kicked Akron's ass", "Ohio almost beat them". Notice the difference in the two statements there? Quite often, when you go to ball games and other events with teams, you will hear these sort of statements. While the fans will do anything from throwing beer onto the field, cussing out the refs, questioning the coach, and trying to be the coach, they will always utter phrases like those. In these two cases, the We and Them happen to be The Ohio State University Buckeyes. These statements are uttered often, the first when OSU wins, the second when OSU doesn't.

This, to me, is one of the more interesting aspects of human nature. Our ability to alter sides, be fair-weather fans, and the like. How is it that we can BE the team when they do well yet be seperate from them when they suck? This is an interesting cunundrum. Is it the fact that we always want to be the winners? How about the fact that we can never stand to be wrong? What is it exactly that makes us claim ownsership when the going is easy, yet flee like the dickens when it gets tough? If you know, please tell me...

Told you it would be short...

*Map Updates*

There were very few state polls this week yet there were roughly twenty different national polls. Nationally, Obama is +3.8 overall. While Ohio stayed for McCain (by .8points) Obama took over the lead in North

Dakota. The most recent poll in Alaska showed that Palin caused a jump of about 12 points there, to a plus 19 for McCain. In the end, Obama is winning in the EC count: 276-249

*End of Update*

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Ben said...

I dont know what system you are using, but a common sense one would tell you in needs an adjustment based on your North Dakota movement.

Yes, I saw the poll that probably made the switch possible, but take a step back and think about it.

Barga said...

I expect it to switch back with the next poll
that said, i did this map before the new gallup was released, not that i am giving it much (way too much of an outlier)


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