Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear Mr(s). Delegate, vote for who I voted for

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A long, long time ago, in a state that I now reside in, I cast a vote for the Democrat Party Presidential Nominee. I, along with 53% of my state (Ohio), voted for Hillary Clinton. Now, I know that Obama won the overall race, and I know that McCain won the overall Republican race, but I expect all other persons who received enough votes to get even one delegate to be voted and roll called at their conventions. not only do I expect them to be roll called, I expect them to receive the same number of votes (percentage based) as they did in that state.

When the pledged delegates total is given I expect Obama to have 51.44% of the votes (3434 pledged delegates), Hillary to have 47.74% of the vote, and Edwards to have .008% of the vote. Where the rest is, I have no idea. I expect the proper amounts from the Republican side as well. I do not care if Hillary and/or Edwards (or anybody who received even one vote) releases you, I expect you to vote as we told you to. Unless the convention really is a sham, I expect it to be as it should be.

For all super delegates I expect you to vote with your state. This basically means that Obama should get 371 delegates (or 46.90%) and Clinton should get 420 delegates (53.09%). I expect all 420 super delegates from Ohio to vote for Hillary Clinton. If you don't, I might not be able to vote for you in the next election. Speaking of this, who replaced Dann for super?

All delegates should remember that your job is to represent your state and its citizens, not your own personal views. Please keep this in mind when voting tomorrow night.

In the end, I am hoping that our total vote count is 2137.5 delegates for Obama and 2059.5 Delegates for Clinton. Obama won the nomination fair and square, but our votes should all count.

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mb said...

That's what you get for voting D!


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