Friday, August 1, 2008

Ring Ring

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As I am sitting here on my couch, watching the amazing Shark Week I say some commercials for the new ATT Shine (by LG) and it got me thinking. We are buying the cell phones for insane reasons. We are buying them as fashion accessories, cameras, and even GPS units. While I can understand why we need smart phones, and I can understand the uses of the IPhone I can not understand why we are after all of the other add-ons on phones. I want a phone that makes calls, and, frankly, that is it. I have no need for GPS (sell me one without it please), no need for a camera (have my own digital one), and no need for streaming TV (um, I have a TV and a computer).

I am sure I am not the only person who wants an actual phone. If a company markets 5-10 phones that are just phones, nothing nifty or anything like that (I can understand the keeping of GPS, as it allows emergency services to find you), I am sure that they would have a booming business just for those phones. Instead, companies are wasting thousands in developing and advertising phones that they themselves will say are no longer good enough in a matter of weeks. If you are going to come up with fancy phones that can do EVERYTHING please make them last for a while, not for only 30 days . Hey, Phone companies, sell me a phone, not a mirror.

That said, the commercial also made me mad because it clearly had an attack on both genders. The young lady is stereotypical in that she is all about her makeup. The young man, on the other hand, is a chauvinistic pig. But hey, if it targets both groups, it can not be bad... Right?

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Hajile said...

I also couldn't help but laugh at hilarity of that commercial and the LG Shine. You can just see the engineers and designers sitting in their rooms saying "What other features can we stuff into this one?"

"hmm... How about a mirror? :D"

It makes me laugh. Aha.

Anyway, I agree for the most part. I don't think it isn't a bad idea to try and make phones and cameras one, but atleast make it a good camera. I can't even use the camera on my phone because it sucks so much. :/


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