Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bicycle Race

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Before I start, I would like to know, what the hell is the DNC thinking by having Michelle have a speech at the convention? Bloody morons... Michelle is going to lose it for Obama and they need to shut her up...

Recent polls have put the national average at roughly +4.4 for Obama; however, that is well within the margin of error and this is still not a runaway. There is no overall change in the map this time; however, both Florida and Missouri are now clearly McCain territories.

I bike often; I will sometimes bike to work, sometimes to school, and around town or for fun. I always ride on the road or a designated bike path. That said, I don't really like most bikers. The Other Paper has a recent article featuring them and The Dispatch has had a plethora of editorials and letter dealing with them (feel free to find them on your own, too many to find). It would appear as though Columbus has been infested with a swarm of bikers. Really, these bikers piss me off for three (gasp, is Barga really back to using the three things method?) reasons: They do not follow the law - they are as pompous as prius drivers - they impede traffic. Please remember, not all bikers are like this (I know that I, for the most part, am not) and so do not treat them as such (or badly). Bikers: What Really Grinds My Gigantic Notched Wheels.

They Do Not Follow The Law:
For the record, if any car does not treat a biker like another vehicle on the road, they are breaking the law. Respect all vehicles on the road, be they motored or not. Bikes irk me because I often see people not following the laws of the road when they are out biking around, especially in the campus area (where I most often are). Bikers will pass cars that are stopped at a light, will run lights and stop signs, cut people off, and even pass a car that is turning ON THE SIDE THAT IT IS TURNING TO. Besides the obvious Darwin Award that this causes, it is the main reason that there are so many accidents involving bikes and cars. Furthermore, this is one of the main reasons that drivers hate bikers. Frankly, Bikers, if you want respect you need to give it. All parties on the road need to follow the laws, period.

The Are As Pompous As Prius Drivers:
You know, I can be peddling along at about 15 MPH and this hotshot on a road bike (I need to replace my mountain bike with one) goes flying by at 20. JACKASS. Really now, these big time bikers are exceptionally pompous, traveling at such unnatural speeds, acting all high and mighty because they have leg muscles. SCREW YOU.
Anyways, really, I find most bikers to be a lot like people who drive priuses, those who join PETA or Green peace and the like. They think that because they are helping the environment their shit don't stink. Well, both South Park and I think that your shit does smell (badly) and that you are just like the rest of us. Stop acting so special and deserving, the more you do that, the more you are resented.

They Impede Traffic:
While I feel that bikes have every right to the road as motor vehicles, they should realize that they are a slower (and more fragile) vehicle in the road and should act accordingly. Bikers need to give more clearance for cars to pass with and need to bike only at good times. I do not think that bikers should bike during rush hour (between 7-8 in the morning and between 5-6 at night) due to the problems that are already there, bikers just contribute more to them. Furthermore, bikers should not be biking at dark without proper lighting, this not only causes more accidents but is just a general practice. While bikes will always slow traffic down, they should do their best not to impede it.

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Ben said...


I agree that Florida and Missouri are looking good for McCain. If he has to worry about them on election night, it is already over.

Ben said...


I find the bike part of this post pretty funny. I dont ride a bike because I am lazy and out of shape, but I still get pissed off at bikers who act like they are cars and get in my way and ride in the middle of the road.

Barga said...

you know they have the right to be there, right


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