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White Wedding

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No map update today, having power problems with my laptop and thus don't have time to get to that...

Todays topic is brought to you by my cousin Nick who sat by me on a plane for roughly six hours... Lets all feel bad for him.

So, on Saturday morning, my uncle decided that he was going to get married. So, all of the family went out, we all ate, drank, sang, smiled, cried, you know the drill. Well, we had a wedding. In the end, my entire weekend of three days was summed up by that 20 minute ceremony (it was short and small, great way to have a wedding). The other 71 hours and 40 minutes were spent with family, YAY. Really, I do not like family gatherings at all. They drive me crazy for several reasons, amongst which are: seeing people who remember you when you were “yay-tall to a pumper nickel” (okay, I made that phrase up) - having to deal with all of the family at the same time - meeting a whole new branch of the family, and, them expecting you to be family to them. I know, I know, this is a pretty typical bitch-fest, but, hey, it is my blog, so deal with it. Family Events (especially weddings): what really grinds my gigantic notched wheels.

Seeing people who remember when you were small, and that is all they remember about you:
Now, we all know about the pinched cheeks, the noogies, and all the other great things that family loves to put you through during special events. Well, the one I hate the most is when they start talking about your past self; no matter how old you are, the family seems to only remember when you were five. NEWS FLASH: I am 20 now, I am not anything like what I was when I was five. This really just drives me crazy. I understand that I used to be different and that I used to by about three foot tall (instead of my current 6' 1”), however, why the hell does it matter. I wish the my family, and people general, would just accept that now is now, and move out of the past. If we did that, society would be much better off (Notice the parallels here to my Iraq and PETA entires?).

Having to deal with all of my family at the same time:
My family is Jewish and Italian; we eat a lot and we complain a lot. That said, we also annoy the hell out of each other. This, of course, does make a fair bit of sense. However, when I have to deal with them for almost three solid days, it starts to drive me nuts. Now, I like my family (okay, not really, but, you know, they are my family) but family events are just too much. That is my problem with weddings, and why I would want a small one (let's see if I can get the brides consent to that). I have never understood why reunions happen, why weddings are so big, and why everybody needs to be invited to graduations. If anybody knows, please let me know.

Meeting a new 'family':
I have now added roughly 25 new people into my family. That is all fine and dandy, my clan has grown, as has my eventual voting and campaigning base. However, what fun is there in meeting all of these new people. New names, new attitudes, hell, I do not even know what jokes I am allowed to say or not (don't know their senses yet). What is even worse is the fact that they all then expect to be family with you. I have a family, and while you might be in mine, I place you no closer than certain second-cousins of mine. I know you, will see you and say high, and that is it. Do not expect me to become close to you and trust you; I do not know you yet. That is my biggest fear about going to weddings; am I going to meet people who like me and I like back, or am I going to meet people that I am forced to like?

I hope you enjoyed my bitch fest, we can get back to politics on Wednesday.

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Mountain Sage said...

LOL....I can relate. I have 3 sisters, 1 brother, in-laws, cousins I wouldn't know if they kicked me in the ass, nieces, nephews and even great nieces and nephews. I love them but too much time with them can be a pain in the ass.

BUT..these special occasions are the memories you will one day cherish. As you get older you forget the pain in the ass and remember the funny, poignant and crazy times that bind you to the people who are yours. Yep, they may be a pain in the ass, but they are YOUR pains in the ass and that's a good feeling. Having people you belong to and who belong to you is really the best.

Thanks for the great and funny post.

Mountain Sage

Barga said...

you know, every body always says that
Frankly, they are not, and i am damn glad they will not be

Granted, people said that about high school too


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