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Red, White, and Boom

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Every year, on the 3rd of July, the great city of Columbus has a celebration of our independence. We shoot off fireworks, sell lots of fatty meats, and generally party. This is Red, White, and Boom (link here so that they can be colored). This celebration is a day-long party in downtown Columbus that screws everything up. Also, it happens to be a hotbed of crime and violence every year. Red, White, and Boom annoys me for three reasons: People camp out for days - Traffic - The people. While not all of these are the organizers fault, it is clear that Red, White, and Boom has many problems. Red, White, and Boom; what really grinds my gigantic notched wheels.

People Camp Out For Days:
So, there is this celebration downtown with Sausages, Elephant Ears, a WNCI booth, and a small parade. Oh, yeah, it also happens to have about 20 minutes of fireworks at the end of it. So, basically, we have a dignified County fair without the rides (which, as we all know, are the best part of county fairs (well, after the Pumpkin Contest they are)). Somehow, this amazing event draws people in to camp for a few days. Thats right, people come in, pay to park somewhere, and then sit there and camp for a few days. With gas the price it is (4.09$) how can people justify coming in to see 20 minutes of fireworks, and then idling around for hours afterwards. Clearly, Columbus deserves its nickname of Cowtown.

I am sitting here in math class thinking about what is going to happen when I get out. Am I going to be able to go home right away? How much gas am I going to waste while idling in my car just to drive the 15 miles home. This is one of the things that bugs me about any event, the traffic. Why do we go to an event for 20 minutes, and hour, even three hours, and then spend just as long (if not longer) trying to get home. We spent 1 hour getting there and parking, 1 hour finding a place to sit, 1 hour getting food, 2 hours getting home. That is 5 hours for 20 minutes of BOOM. Come on now people, use some common sense. I am not even going to be going to RWB yet I am still going to be stuck in its awful traffic. I hate traffic.

The People:
Every year at Red, White, and Boom many people get assaulted, raped, or robbed. Hell, even the cops get run over during the mas Exodus that occurs when it ends. Two years ago, the last time my group went (we rode COTA which goes straight there and back) we had problems just getting on the bus. A bunch of drunk people decided that it would be cool to mob rush the bus in an attempt to get on. Needless to say, much shoving, harm, falling down, and cops running around WITH DRAWN GUNS later, the end result was we all were standing there looking at the buses. If Columbus wants to make Red, White, and Boom better then they better start policing their citizens much, much better.

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