Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I am Even Walking Around Campus – Part 3 of 3

As a side note, and amusing antidote, I was eating with Dan (my polysci 520 and astro 102 friend) and he mentioned that on the bus he heard a girl talking to her friend say:
'Man, I hate him, he gave me...'
Obviously the girl noticed where she was, and she caught herself before she admitted that she got an STD from a ex boyfriend, or, even worse, a random stranger.

Anyways, on to my actual post... well, on to it if you click READ MORE...

Well, to answer the question that the title poses, a simple explanation would be that I go to OSU and this is what we do. A less simple look would require me to admit that it is wrong to eavesdrop, even if unintentionally, and I will never do that. So, we can just assume that it is based on the fact that I live on (technically off) campus.

Anyways, there actually is a good and thorough reasoning for me writing about all of this. It is more about the appropriateness, the way we teach our kids, and exactly how comfortable drunk people can be with complete strangers. In all honesty, that is the exact reason I chose to write about this. Let's start:

This is something that seems to be a problem for today's youth. We answer cell phones while at a job interview, discuss professors online, and will even strip at frat parties (Note, I have only done one of those three... guess which). Hell, today, while walking to a forum on the semester switch, I passed hundreds of ladies in the oval wearing nothing but a bikini top and bottom (oh, and that preacher was there). Instead of coming and fighting against a change they don't want, the rather sit there sharing their bounty with the world. Granted, I didn't complain while walking through all of this, but my issue still is there.

How is appropriate to sit in a dinner and talk about sex? What about on a bus and talk about STDs and what your latest sex-buddy decided to give you? These are not as uncommon as they appear to be, and they are never appropriate. As I hear these things from every party, from all people when I am out getting fatty foods, and just randomly when riding the bus, it is clear that there is a systematic failing of this common conception. Clearly, these people have not been properly educated, and they either do not know what is wrong with this OR they don't respect themselves enough. This, obviously, is something that needs to be fixed.

Hey, look, that leads us to our next sub-topic...

The Way We Teach Our Kids
Clearly there is a failure at some point in the education of these young men and adults. Sure, you should be proud of your body, but you should also be modest in exposing it. I mean, while I might like looking at your flat stomach and voluptuous (my word of the day) curves, there are also those who will take advantage of that. Whole porn websites are dedicated to random images like that, and they are something that should be avoided. Same with the whole sex talk at a restaurant, or discussing how cashed your bowl is when you are at a party. All of these are not proper, and all of these could be avoided simply by raising the kids properly.

Now, yes, I fully enjoy blaming parents for all of lifes problems. Texting, Sexting, Pregnancies, etc. are all partially the fault of parents. Too often parents refuse to act like, well, PARENTS and instead try to act like friends. NEWS FLASH: you are parents, act like it. This is something that parents should teach their children: when you should say something, and who you should say it to. Saying you have STDs to a best friend is one thing, saying it while on the bus is different.

Watch Who You Are Talking Near
this is something that seriously needs to be worked on as well. Certain people are good to talk to, certain are not, but, I can guarantee you, it is never good to talk sex with strangers around - unless you are Dr. Laura, that is... This is true for not only teens and college kids, but all other sorts of people. I have been eating dinner and overheard the person behind me explain to her friends that they left their daughter at home alone (normally she is old enough). If I were a molester, or something of that nature, I would take full advantage of this.

This is something that we need to work on in all levels. There are certain things that you can discuss anywhere (that dress, those shoes, how hot that chick is) and things that should only be discussed, in a non-academic sense, when with those you are close to. Come on folks, there is no justification for talking about this stuff, flaunting your assets (pun intended), or anything else in public. Look around you, see who can hear, and then judge if it is proper or not.


Anonymous said...

"voluptuous (my word of the day)"

what the fuck, are you sports illustrated's peter king? stop being a huge baby in general

Barga said...

excuse me?


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