Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today is Memorial Day, call up a vet and thank them

Though I had been planning on continuing my talk on Sexting today, i totally forgot that it was Memorial Day. Instead I want to take a quick break from writing/politics and talk about our soldiers. On Wednesday I will resume my normal schedule.

In the last year hundred of our men and women died serving their country. Agree with the war or not, these people sacrificed their life so that we could live in freedom. Not only do these people sacrifice, but their children, wifes, and families lose their loved ones. They do this for you.

As millions of towns and cities across our country have parades today I recommend that you go see one. Stand up, honor our flag, and honor those who have served. Be they wounded, dead, or merely a vet, they deserve your support. If you see a vet, thank them. If you know a vet, call them up. No matter what, you should honor our soldiers today.

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