Friday, May 22, 2009

Sexting: The New Craze Sweeping the Nation that I am not Part of – Part 1

As normal, this is a two part series. Today I will be talking about a suicide and the lawsuit that a sexting incident caused. One Monday I will be talking about the punishment for those UNDER 18 and what I think should be done. I will also be looking at the cause and root on Monday.

Spring break of last year and three young women headed to Florida to party, drink, and do the normal teen things. While there, these women took nude pictures of themselves. As with the apparent social norm, the girls then sent these images to their boyfriends. Once they broke up, and the friends had a fight, these images were quickly sent around school. Jessica Logan, one of the girls, was so embarrassed by this spreading of her spread eagle that she decided to kill herself. Now her family is suing the girls, the school, and the city/police force. Let's examine this in detail:

Here are the facts:
All girls were over 18 and consented to the images

Yep, those are the facts, and really everything that matters in this regard. The three girls were all over 18 and they all consented to this. Therefore, there is nothing that the cops could have done, so the city/police force should be dropped out of the lawsuit.

Furthermore, what is the school supposed to do? A school has responsibility only on their property (when they are public) and so whatever happens off campus, and on a persons cell phone, is not their jurisdiction. While they could have talked to those sending the image around, they had no right to confront anybody on this issue. Frankly, without a right, I believe that the school did what they should have. Therefore, the school should not be in this lawsuit and dropped.

So, there is one other group being sued here, and they are the only ones the parents might have a case against. Jessica's two friends are presumably the people who started messaging these images (we have no idea on this though) which is distribution of pornography. However, all people distributing and in the images consented and were of age, which makes it okay. These girls are total ass' and bitches, but they are perfectly in the right to send it. Frankly, these girls should also be dropped from the suit.

So, with this whole lawsuit being dismissed (if I got my way that is) then what is left with all of this? Well, I believe that Jessica herself is the one that should be blamed? She went out and took pictures of herself in a naked state and chose to have them accessible by others. Clearly she never intended this, but she took the risk and fucked up (literally). Don't worry, I am not stopping here, there will be more of this on Monday.

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