Friday, May 1, 2009

A Look at Two Levies:

Hey all, on Tuesday the 5th we will be having our spring elections. There are no important ballot or political races in the area, so I don't need to touch those. With that in mind, I am going to go ahead and explain why we need to vote and pass two of the levies. Click 'read more' if you want to know more.

School Levies
In Ohio, our schools are failing our students. Kids can not learn, many are crammed into tiny classrooms, and some are even taught in trailers. Gym roofs leak, there are no AP classes offered, and some school don't even have sports teams. This is sad, and this is also a giant scar on the face of our state. We need to help these schools out, so that they can help kids out.

Students are the future of our country. Unless we foster these people and help them grow, they will not get anywhere. We need to protect our future and ensure that it is a good future. Thus, we should help to fund these schools in any way possible.
Vote YES on all school levies

See these kids? If you don't vote for these levies you will be condemning them to jail and a lifetime of misery. You don't want that, now do you?

Metro Park Levy
In this day and age, our land is being revenged by several forces. We have expanding housing, which is taking out fields for crops. The farms, being forced to move, are then taking over new land in forests and the like. We also have oil drillers, lumber people, and all of them, all raping the land. Sure, we need these things, but we do not need to act like we do now. These companies are destroying America's beautiful landscape, and we need to protect it.

As our country keeps expanding, we will only keep infringing on our precious natural resources. While we need to do this, we also need to do it in moderation and HOPE that we can preserve the pristine natural environment for all future generations. The Metro Parks ensure that we have these tracts of land for eternity. We need to do this for ourselves, our kids, and our great-great-great-grandkids.
Vote YES on the Metro Park Levy

see this deer? If you don't vote for this levy, then you want it dead. If you already want it dead, I won't give you the antlers...

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