Thursday, April 9, 2009

What A Nifty Idea To Save Ohio's Economy

It is time to increase the number of dirty lowdown whores in this state.

Seriously folks, it is the best way to help out the Ohio economy, and, frankly, it is the best way to help these women. Currently, only one state in this country has legalized prostitution (stupid Nevada, actually having something sweet about yourself), and maybe it is time for another. Ohio could legalize brothels, and then enforce a ban on all other people selling sex. This will decrease violence against the women, decrease pimps, and give these unfortunate women some health care. Oh, and on a plus side, we will be able to reap the profits from taxes.

Now, before we start actually talking about the benefits (the four I listed above), let's look at my overall plan. The state of Ohio would license certain locations (brothels) that would allow sex to be sold inside their building. They would also have a liquor license, pass certain qualifications, and be required to be willing to accept random checks to ensure that they are clean and following the law. Any non licensed location prostitution would still be illegal. There you go, nice easy plan.

Before I go further, Fuck you Citizens for Community Values

Decrease violence on women
To me, one of the main causes of violence against prostitutes is the fact that it would be really hard to report the assault. If these women were working in a brothel, not only would they have fellow scarlet women to help them out, but they would have the law on their side. These women would have a support system (i.e. their coworkers) and would be ensured that the cops were on their side. Overall, this is a good way to keep these women safe.

No More Pimps
To me, pimps are the worse thing that current prostitutes need to deal with. These guys kill prostitutes, lead them to drugs, and make them feel like shit. The easiest way to convert a girl into a whore (I say girl because most prostitutes start when young, in Nevada most start at 23) is by making her feel like trash. This is what Pimps do, and this is why they are so dangerous. By making brothels legal, the state would be essentially shutting the pimps down. This would be a good thing to let the women know that they are people too.

Health Care
The biggest problem for the current whores is the fact that they do not have health care. By creating brothels, the state can require that they provide health care, and it can be paid for by either taxes (collected from the fucking) or from added fees that their clients need to pay. By ensuring that the proper health is cared for, and that they have clean girls (and use condoms), these women should be much safer then they currently are.

Tax Money FTW
The state of Ohio is loosing money like we were bleeding and had a problem clotting. Yeah, I know, that is a bad comparison, but so what. Ohio needs to find a stable and good source of money, and prostitution might be the answer. Ohio could tax the money made by these women, the money made by the location, and the overall fees paid. Additionally, as they would have bars, Ohio could add more to the alcohol tax money that they make. To me, taxing prostitution would be a good thing, and really help Ohio out.


Ander said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. You want to raise tax money so our criminal government can heave it over to its criminal friends on wall street?

People should quit their jobs and grow food.

Ander said...

"Ohio needs to find a stable and good source of money, and prostitution might be the answer."

Learn about our money system and where it comes from. There is no good and stable source of money. THAT'S THE WHOLE PROBLEM!

Deflating and inflating the money supply through credit and interest consolidates wealth and destroys production. If there were a good stable source of money and it was used as a public utility instead of a weapon, we'd all be fine. People would be empowered.

Ander said...

Legalize weed and tax it if you want to hail something for its tax ability.

Barga said...

ANder, just wondering, but how is our state government=federal government
i believe that whalertly was talking state

Ander said...

I don't see where I mentioned anything about our federal government. If you don't think our state government is handing over millions to corporations through tax loopholes, contracts, and privatization, just like every other state government, wake up. Every state and public government in the world is in debt. Almost every human being on the face of the earth is in debt except for the 1% of the population that happens to own everything. why and to who are they in debt?

Barga said...

criminal government to criminal friends refered to the bailout, did it not?

so what if our state is in debt. Frankly, doesn't this help the state get out of debt

Peter said...

but what about someone who wants to get a call-girl to provide off-site services? Because brothels are different than prostitution, and until and unless you legalize prostitution, you're still going to have problems wit those who don't want to be seen with the prostitute.

Also Ander, where you going to get the land for that. modern populations are only supported b/c of industrialized farming

Ander said...

thank you peter! who owns all the industrial agriculture? and that land? That prevents people from growing food free and requires them to buy it from a grocery store? The same 1% that owns the media, and are heads of state in our government and governments around the world.

and where am I going to do it? everywhere I can. A family can support almost all of their food needs on a 1/4 acre plot with a house on it if you stop growing grass and mowing it.

Modern Populations are supported by "modern" or industrial agriculture that is an inherently unsustainable food production system and has been since Sumer.

So how are you going to sustain your life with a food production system that destroys the land and biodiversity required for life to continually adapt through evolution?

We will have 1/3 less arable land than we do now the next time the population doubles.

Andrew Beyea said...

A great idea; I think we should start with a pilot program, what I would call "Bitches for Ohio's Future" or BOF. we send one girl (or guy, depending on preference) to each legislator's office for a lapdance and tugjob, and see if they don't line up for this one when it hits the floor.

Ander said...

It is the most energy intensive industrial process known to man, between fertilizers, pesticides, fuel, and production of equipment.

More fuel efficient cars to save the planet? How about we scrap our food production and distribution system.

Barga said...

Peter, legalizing brothels allows proper accounting, otherwise it might not happen

Ander said...

cause banks do proper accounting? hahahaha "proper accounting" that's funny.


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