Friday, April 3, 2009

Sup All, Whalertly says hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

before I start, barga wanted me to update you on the whole semester thing going on. Here is a link to the NBC video that he was in. He interviewed for about 15 minutes and they used the worse 5 seconds, typical media... Barga looks so stupid, LOL

Hey peeps, this is Whalertly, the 5th of 6 people that need to say hello to all of you. Because I want to be different, I am going to make a list; suck on it if you don't like it

Why whalertly
Well, I wanted to remain anonymous, and I talked to Barga and he told me that this would be a fine name. So, I took the name and ran with it.

Political Leanings
As you might have guessed, I am a bit right of the line. However, it really depends on the issue, because, like Barga, I decide it per issue, not per party. That said, I am generally distrustful of politicians and love to insult everybody equally

What be this? Yeah, I am a 7 year student at OSU who is from Sandusky, Ohio and my name is Tommy. I said I wanted to be anonymous, so I won't even give you this

I like the Blue Jackets, The Crew, The Clippers, and The Destroyers. I hate the Buckeyes, they suck monkey balls
Yeah, I just said it

Politically Correct
There is no such thing of this, just cowards and real men. See, a coward is somebody who will only say what will not get them in trouble. A real man just speaks the truth
deal with it

They need to take more care of their kids and handle their responsibilites. Your teen sends sex messages, odds are that it is YOUR BLOODY FAULT

The Constitution
Supreme Law of the Land. Plus, it will give you a paper cut if you violate it

Favorite Sites
That thing from ben keeler, the thing from C Beth, the other thing from C Beth,, this site

Have I said too much and/or didn't do what you expected

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