Friday, April 24, 2009

Spit, Dandruff, and Feces on your food: Part 2 of 2

What is a company to do?

This is part two of a two part series (Can I really call a 2 part series a series?) that will be dealing with contamination of your food stuffs. The first part dealt more with actual food contamination, the things behind it, and all of that sort of stuff. This part will deal with specific reactions by one company, the law, and exactly what this sort of thing entails. So, I recommend that you run to the bathroom now, put down your dinner, and/or stop reading if you have a weak stomach.

Really, what should they do?

Link to some 'fun' movies regarding contamination

On Wednesday, we went over exactly why contamination of food is a problem. We talked about the stereotypes associated with it, the problems that it causes, and, finally, who is at fault for it. While I pointed out that companies and corporations are normally blamed, I also mentioned that they do not deserve the blame that is often placed upon them. With this in mind, let's discuss exactly what a company should do about things like this.

1:Know Who You Hire
Now, before I start, don't get me wrong, I am all for second chances. If a person is in jail because of drugs (like pot, not harder stuff) or things like that then this shouldn't apply to them. For most other people, I would say that you should not hire former prisoners, teens with a bad reputation, or adults in their 30s who have no high school degree. Odds are that these people are not the best employees, either for food reasonings or for other issues. Employers need to check all background and education of their employees, as this is the best way to ensure proper handling and care of food.

2: Get good managers
Similar to this, hire managers who have either proved themselves or have worked elsewhere. I moved up the ranks to be a manager, and I proved that I was good. An employee from inside is fine provided they prove that they are worth it. You can bring in outside managers if and only if you make sure that they are good from their outside employer.

Once you bring in good managers, they will ensure that the environment in the store is exactly what you want. These managers will ensure that you get good employees (hey, look, a reference to number one) and also make sure that they work well. Punishments, lessons, and proper supervision is essential to ensure cleanliness in the stores. That said, however, unless the manager punishes violations, nothing will happen.

That brings on my third point
3: When a Violation Occurs, Kick Some ASS
The biggest problem facing companies these days are that they refuse to act like they should. Usually, if something is wrong, they apologize and say 'we will address it' and then do nothing. God, they are just like the parents that I keep bitching about. So, When a company kicks some ass I am happy. With that in mind, check out these various stories on Consumerist regarding Dominoes and booger pizza (and the companies response). FYI, they include a lawsuit and arrest warrant

Link to some 'fun' movies regarding contamination
Tracking Them Down
Dominoes Apologizes, then kicks ass


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